Strategies for new players

  • Hi all, I've just joined FI in time to miss out on the Alli/Grealish booms. Since I won't make a quick few quid buying them up, I was wondering if anyone had advice for strategies/players for a new player to pursue.

    I'm thinking of a port consisting mainly of young players whose prices have room for improvement and a few more regular PB scorers. Feel free to recommend all the players you hold a load of - rookies are there to be taken advantage of ;)

    I'm also not looking to plough too much cash in initially, especially as I'm still learning as I go, so cheaper options are better.

    Thanks for any tips!

  • @PistolPete67 one who i hold and think fits your bill is Reece James of Chelsea. Only 19 years old and looking like he's made that right back spot his own. Still under 3 pound and when compared to TAAs price that seems cheap. Once he gets proper rhythm I think he will be a contender for PB.

  • @Jamestodd9 sorry I just realised you said the cheaper the better lol

  • One player I think still has a lot of potential to increase is Benjamin Pavard. I got on him quite early but with the way he has been playing for Bayern, and the PB scores he is starting to post I still think there is a lot of value in him.

    He ticks a lot of boxes for me:
    -Plays for a team that dominate their league
    -European football

    He is also down to £1.90 from his peak price of £2.06.


  • @PistolPete67 I'd stick to the sub £1 section while you learn the ropes.

    There are a few gems out there & the spreads are lower if you make any rookie mistakes.

  • @PistolPete67 I'd probably agree with @Ericali here - especially at the time of year we are.
    December can be a tricky month with winter breaks fast approaching in all bar the EPL and the January transfer window on the horizon.
    Spread your money around a few different players, maybe one or 2 with a possible transfer in January and see how the market reacts in different situations. And then maybe a couple of non EPL players in a couple week's time when it looks like prices are starting to bounce back again.
    You will notice the market is always a few weeks ahead of reality. So players are dropping now due to upcoming winter breaks but by the time we get to the winter break it's very likely they'll actually be rising again as traders see the value.

  • @Ericali said in Strategies for new players:

    @PistolPete67 I'd stick to the sub £1 section while you learn the ropes.

    There are a few gems out there & the spreads are lower if you make any rookie mistakes.

    Very helpful advice from Eric there @PistolPete67 but be careful -
    If you spend £100 on say Wesley from Aston Villa (96p per share) for example, you'll get 100 shares.
    If his price rises by 5p per share then you're up £5.00. Sweet! But if he falls by 5p a share then of course your down a Lady Godiva on your initial £100 😡.

    Alternatively, if you spend £100 on Neymar for example (11 shares) then you are pretty safe. If his price drops 5p then you are only down 55p, whilst if he rises 5p it won't exactly allow you to retire! 😂

    There are no right and wrongs but the consistently given advice seems to be "start off small" and get a feel for the platform and trends etc before putting decent money in. Good luck mate 👍

    *for disclosure, I do not and never will own Neymar because I despise the man ☺

  • You could do worse than buy some shares in players who are just out of form.

    I own these players but I am not selling them either, non of them are doing very well but we all know football is massive rollercoaster, a few decent games and they rocket.
    The danger of buying players in form is that they sometimes have a long way to come down..
    These are examples but there are loads of others, I’m not suggesting you buy them.

    A silva

  • @PistolPete67 I think what @ScouseSte is trying to say is if you buy 11 shares in Neymar at £7.88 you need him to rise 78p a share before you see a 10% rise.

    While if you buy 100 shares in Wesley you need him to move just 10p to achieve the same 10% rise.

    Of course, it works in reverse too.

  • @PistolPete67

    Hi mate welcome to the forum and to FI

    I joined just under 1 month ago and the forums have been a treasure trove of advice and any questions have been answered kindly and with sound logic. I too have only started off with a very small deposit just so I could try a few things, I have got burnt a few times and a few things have turned out decent.

    Dont go hunting about on twitter and taking too much notice of the big whales portfolio pics because they will seriously put you off, seeing people with thousands of shares in the best players when they were a fraction of their current price just makes you want to close the door and walk away. Like a mate of mine did. What you need to understand is those prices were a reflection of how big the index was at that time, and the prices currently reflect were it is now....and in a few months after the massive marketing push coming who knows we might see our very first £10+ player

    My honest recommendation is to grab some premier league players for the winter fixture congestion and take advantage of some in-play-dividends so you get more chances at returns for 30 days - might get lucky and get some capital increase as well and be able to sell at a profit. (The dream)

    I've only been here a short time, but I have already witnessed a massive crash with Ibra releasing the hammarby instagram post - and also bruno fernandes committing to a new contract. I held small amounts in both players as I was testing out what sort of increase I would see if they got a january move.

    Dont spend what you cant afford to lose mate and go have some fun.

    If you want to send me a PM I can pretty much tell you what worked for me with my first 200 invested on the Flex and what I hold at the moment and why.

  • Banned


    To sum up FI, the cheaper the player, the bigger the risk.

    Good luck!

  • Welcome mate, good luck. Iv been on here 6ish months and I'm 16% up on my port. Some people make loads but I'm happy to not lose really lol. Iv made mistakes. I'm currently 36 down on Che adams but Iv resisted the instant sell. When you I/S in arrears you are effectively giving money away. Try and ride out the red and only sell in the green, the next few months should see a boom in the index. My pick for you would be barella from inter. Currently injured and seen a fall but on way back up now. Euros year and future Italian star. I hold by the way but a pretty safe steady increase from now untill next year imo. Also in your price bracket... Good luck

  • Thanks for the welcome all, and of course for the advice! You’ve given me a few ideas, so we’ll see how the next month or so goes. Can’t wait to get into it properly now. Best of luck to you all with your ports too!

  • @ScouseSte and @Ericali thanks for the advice - and don’t worry, you’re preaching to the converted about Neymar mate 😂

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