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  • Hi everyone - new to FI (last 2 week or so) and I really like the concept and only wish I had known about this when it first started. My question is based on curiosity and hope that some of the more established traders can point me to strategies that they believe would be the best way forward for a fledgling. Should I concentrate my efforts into picking players that are always in the media and pick up dividends (media/in play), target players in the hope their value climbs and then sell or try and find a true nugget that is going to increase over time - I am just not sure which strategy to take at the moment so have initially tried to do all 3. Appreciate you are all trading so maybe don't have loads of time to dedicate to a reply but any advise is appreciated. Final thing - is there a recommend a friend thing on here with some sort of commission? I know a lot of people who have football knowledge and spend £££ on the lottery and the like and get nothing - I think investing in here and having a bit of fun at the same time would be a better investment. Thanks, looking forward to the replies.

  • @NewUser479511 go with your gut and take all advice with a pinch of salt. You're here because you know football so trust that knowledge. Dividends can be the safer option but there is money to be made all over the market.

    You can get a "refer a friend" link for an extra tenner from either the app or email customer service for your personal code. Or shout me and I'll give you mine!

    As a new trader, I suggest you read through the pinned post at the top of the forum, "All Things Football Index" as it is essentially a Users' Guide made by us.

    Good luck!

  • @NewUser479511 Welcome to FI (and the forum)!
    From a strategy perspective you have to find the one (or more) that work(s) for you. There will be various factors such as size of portfolio, time available etc that will help determine what works for you.
    In starting out I would suggest, as you have, putting small amounts of money into each area you're considering. And get a clear understanding of what drives prices up and down, and how the market reacts to certain situations and/or news.
    There are so many different ways you can make money on FI that it really is about what works for you!

  • @NewUser479511 these guys have good experience and advice. As stated try various strategies to work out what's best for you, be wary of pumps on here, twitter & various other means, take a step back and think if the player is worth their current price and why you are investing in them.
    Make sure you understand the rules. Join Indexgain as it has helpful tools.
    Good Luck

  • Welcome to FI. I have been here a month and when I joined I was desperate to get involved as quickly as I could.

    My advice, be patient and spend a week watching what happens to the market with what happens in real life. I rushed a Ronaldo purchase and although I am still in profit overall, it has been killing my portfolio... 32p per future down! ergh!

    The one thing I have learned is that patience can go a long way and trusting your decisions is key. If you buy 100 Bruno Fernandes' because you believe he will go to a bigger team in a better league, then don't sweat if he doesnt go in Jan and drops 5p and then look to sell. Wait for the Euro's and ride the summer transfer buzz... patience, patience, patience.

    Good luck on here mate!

  • Start with £50 and watch and learn.

  • Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond - the all things football index is a really good read and helps a lot. Just need to find a few gems now and see what happens.

  • @NewUser479511

    Good advice above.

    Change your user name so that you are more recognisable and traders are more likely to engage with you in future discussions.

    Start fairly small and have a diverse portfolio. Watch and learn and trial and error. Once you have a strategy you can narrow down your portfolio, increase holds and increase deposits.

    Lots of ways to win on here, just need to find the best one for you, your budget and your time commitments.

  • With being newer to FI, I’d recommend trading with slightly cheaper players to begin with - probably £1.20/£1.30 at the very very most is my guess. The reason being that these players are generally less prone to rapid price changes (barring extreme circumstances).

    In terms of what to chase in terms of making money, CA and PB is probably your best bet at the moment. The ideal candidate starting out in my eyes would be someone between the ages of 20 and 24, who have/are capable of hitting high scores. That’s my opinion anyway, the player being relatively young will give you the option of holding longer whilst getting PB divs.

    Footyindexscout is a useful website for your reference. It’s a database that contains past PB/MB winnings on players, and info such as average PB for the player. IndexGain is probably better, but for that you’d have to pay a subscription fee.
    Good luck and you can always ask us on the forum for help

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