Just checked my portfolio and it's not good

  • Have been taking a back seat recently and it hasn't worked. Out of 28 of my players only 5 are in profit and 23 are losing. Anyone else have a similar situation?

  • How long since you last checked?

    Who are your losses on?

    The general trend I think has been red for at least a week. It's only christmas. Just wondering if you've left things alone since before the divs increases or not. If that's the case and you were loaded with youth/non pb then yes I would imagine it didnt look very pretty.

    Even pb kings like kimmich kroos and trent are sliding a bit from their peaks, but again, it's just cos of christmas probably. Also kroos had the cheek to post a >200 at the wknd so obviously that's a catastrophe lol

  • It's only been a couple of weeks but since then a lot of players that I bought a couple of months ago are tanking. I'm not panicking or anything but I just don't know the best way to play the index. I'm not getting many dividends and I don't get cap app. Just tempted to sell up and buy just a couple of players but even then I wouldn't know who to buy. I will take some pics of my players and put them in here.

  • I'm anticipating a new cycle is inbound - what it is, I do not know. 🤔

    I tried to gain a bit of insight on Twitter to where they thought the money was heading but I don't think I had to much of a sample size to make an accurate call - only 127 votes.

    With the influx of new users anticipated in the new year, I don't we will see any clear PB direction until things settle down.

  • @Tom7471 plentyvof threads on here recently about good cap app players. As for divs we all know who the top boys are 👍

  • feels like there is a bit of a temporary PB dilution, maybe just choppy waters for time being

    for example, any player under 50p or £1 that posts a one off score of like 200, suddenly gets big rises

    it just feels like the bottom end of the market is getting the main attention, not saying the top is saturated, but people are taking the chance on very cheap players who have shown only a glimmer of PB, why?

    A - if they strike it lucky the PB will return massive %
    B - get in early and there is still big capital growth returns before others pile in

    to me we can see this, because the top end prices have not changed, but the footie keeps on ticking up, thus money is being ploughed into the cheap end at the moment until it fills up

    just the current cycle in my opinion

  • Yesterday/today was the start of a 30 day cycle that takes us up to the New Years Day games in the EPL.
    Money has been absolutely flying into EPL players that have the best fixtures over the next 30 days, as well as more and more going into January transfers.
    No big surprises in the drops in PB players - especially those with winter breaks - although maybe a little earlier than I was expecting.

  • I feel with the release of Football Manager in particular and maybe even FIFA with its career mode, people are putting a lot of money in to the so-called "wonder kids", or even the ones who end up half decent.

    Camavinga is a perfect example. When he IPO'd he would have played only a handful of games and if people are honest with themselves, they have not watched him (enough) to know for certain who he could become.

    The DIV winners should prosper a lot more times than not so don't panic sell just yet. It's not a race,

    From what I gather, this period just needs to be ridden out and I will trust my choices for now.

  • Just checked again yesterday and I have taken a battering. Mahrez, gundogan, van dyke and kroos all sinking. Tempted to sell the lot and have a rethink.

  • @Tom7471 3 year bet, don't do it mate, ride out the storm

  • Not a good time to sell.

    I would ride it til Jan/Feb. Unless you can identify players you think will make more before then?

    This is a market dip due to many solid reasons- nothing to worry about. (Winter breaks, IPOs, Xmas shopping, big traders trying to win the car by recycling big holds.) There was no pay day boost this month- again showing a lack of new traders, but also mainly due to traders being stretched by recent market events and xmas.

    I fully expect Jan to be mega- massive marketing campaign, and the end of some of the reasons above.

    It is a good time to buy though- so yes you could sell up and make the most of players like Sabitzer being in a dip, think i even saw Gnabry being ISd this morning, so German Div winners will slump, I'd shop in that market for PB and Euro 2020 players, especially German team players. I'd also look for those that are likely to be in the media about transfers. Yth cycle could come back with new traders. When i joined last Jan i was amazed by the yth bubble that grew and grew...whilst I was buying PB players. So new year markets I think- new traders that use data (pb mb players), new traders that want the next big thing (new yth cycle), return to PB leagues after winter breaks (germans etc) and champs lg, europa and Euro 2020 (big tournaments, gradually less players in it for big returns).

    So overall, don't panic.

  • @Tom7471 if you want a more stable portfolio look lower down.

    If you go for premium holds they can rocket but their is always the scope to go the opposite direction & if they start to do that, then your money can nosedive quickly.

    If you look lower, they tend to be a lot more stable.

    Lots of money doesn't pour into them, but it doesn't pour out of them either.

    Its a different type of trading where you can be static for a while - but when a rise does come it offers a nice boost to your portfolio without riding an emotional rollercoaster 24/7.

    More for the sensible long term trader I'm guessing - rather than the thrill seakers.

  • Thanks very much for the advice guys much appreciated. I'm definitely not panicking and I know that things will rise but I guess I don't know with all the media changes and with all the IPOs if certain players are worth as much anymore and I guess that's what I'm struggling with. I get that it's a 3 year bet but if they change the rules again it's hard to see these players as three year bets. The more IPOs that come onto the site has to dilute the value of the other players on the index surely? The players I would love to buy are Messi and Ronaldo but I can't see how ageing footballers will hold there value even if they receive a lot of divs.

  • @Ericali thanks very much for that info. I think that's a great idea. Less risk if they get injured to I guess.

  • @Tom7471 in the last week I’ve gone from 5% profit to 0.5%; frustrating but I’m happy they will all rise again and I have my exit points that I’ll use.

    I’m gutted I joined late and my main investment came post PB rise so not had the increases I would have had on my identified players had I invested 2 weeks before.

    If what I’ve constantly read comes true then this time next year I’ll be sitting on somewhere near my hope fo 20-30% ROI.

    As a non gambler I don’t need to feel the rush of the win so avoid quick flips.

  • @Tom7471 People selling off for Xmas cash mate. Hold on till Jan...👍

  • @Tom7471 said in Just checked my portfolio and it's not good:

    Have been taking a back seat recently and it hasn't worked. Out of 28 of my players only 5 are in profit and 23 are losing. Anyone else have a similar situation?

    As others have said, it's normal for this time of year. I have 12 players and Skov, Gundogan, Verratti and Ozil are in the red. But others like Vardy and Maximin are flying. For the time being, you can move money out of the worse performing players and top up on the ones in the green.



  • Banned

    @Tom7471 best time to buy is when their down especially ividend winners..id personally top up on vvd & kroos..get rid of the other 2 & either use the money to top up on messi or someone like kane/sancho/pavard etc

  • There isn't a Christmas sell off. The market rose during nov and dec last year. Its up so far this year too.

    Edit: I would add that when you zoom in on just those two months it does start lower and end higher. But in context with the rest of the year nov and dec have actually been pretty flat. There hasn't been a drop of a cliff type sell off though.

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