Young potential

  • When we look at players like Lampard coming through was he really always going to make it.
    I see players like Grealish stepping up, and Cantwell beginning to gain confidence but the talented Ben Woodburn drifting away at Oxford Utd.

    I guess we dont know how players will develop physically and perhaps Woodburn without pace or strength cant play at the top level, but he is 2 years younger than cantwell.

  • I think with a lot of youngsters it's mental strength that separates those with real potential & those who become superstars.

    A lot of kids think they have made it when they sign a 4 year deal & get put on £20k, £40k a week or higher - and it some ways they have.

    But the ones that still work hard, still want to progress - the ones without having their hunger dented, their the ones you want to be on.

    Frank Lampard & Gary Neville are 2 perfect examples.

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