When to sell a player??

  • Hi, when to sell a player is what I tend to struggle with the most. Any practical pointers would be really appreciated. Using Dele Alli as an example (smallish no. of shares), I’ve held for a fair while (and topped up more recently) suspecting he would regain form. He’s certainly done this but I’m caught in two minds whether I should sell now and try to reinvest profit into a new find or hold.

    I think it boils down to FOMO of future rises if he continues in this rich form allied to the fact that I haven’t yet properly identified other viable targets.

    Would appreciate hearing other traders selling strategies or thoughts in general around selling/holding.


  • I'm in the same boat, I was making double what i paid for Sabitzer and then he started going down and down.. and down.. So i topped up but I wish i cashed out when he was top end and then re bought at a cheaper price.

    I've Werner who I'm over a pound a share up currently but its going down but again it's do i sell and hope he goes down so i can rebuy at a cheaper price or ride out and hold

    FOMO is my biggest thing on this index..

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