Di Maria

  • I'm keen to know more experienced traders' thoughts on Angel Di Maria. I have bought him @1.96, which seems to be peak price for now. He subsequently dipped to 1,39, despite still keeping place in the starting 11 and scoring goals and posting decent PB scores.
    Any thoughts on why this is the case and what future trajectory we can expect?
    Many thanks in advance!

  • A lot sold off the more neymar got back to full fitness however Di Maria is a mid so doesnt compete PB wise and hes easily been PSGs best player so I still think he starts with Neymar fit anyway

  • I bought low, about 1.10. Fuming I didn't sell about 1.80 but I'm fairly confident he'll rise up abit, maybe not 1.80 but he'lll get up there with another PB win

  • As happens a lot on here, a player is on a hot streak then everyone piles in on the hype and then the sell off happens with profit takers. He’ll rise again at some point when he’s back in favour with the punters. No guarantee you’ll make a profit at that price but you may well make some decent dividends to offset the price loss.

  • He is 31 years old and has no Euros in the summer.... his rise came when Neymar, Mbappe and Cavani were all injured and now they are all back.

    Considering all of the above it's hard to see a rise much above 1.50 I am surprised he got as high as he did.

  • Winter break incoming too.

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