Pablo Sarabia

  • Ive been itching to get on Sarabia but not sure he has bottomed yet - his lack of game time surely cant go on and theres an outside chance of spain squad for euros - at his current price he could be a PB gem but do we think he's bottomed yet?

  • I've held long time. Wish he'd stayed in Spain!
    Still think il keep though as Psg haven't really got going, no settled line up etc, so that can still come in time. If he doesn't settle teams will want him as their key man in the Summer, or psg will lose some players opening a key spot for him. If neymar goes, I guess Sarabia gets on set pieces etc.

  • Same thoughts - I bought in a little too soon and currently 12p down.

    A lot of competition for those AM/ forward positions at PSG - Neymar, Icardi, Cavani, Mbappe, Di Maria, Draxler, Choupo-Moting 🤨.

    He has had some good spells this season and with many of the futures of the above uncertain I’d say his long term prospects are decent and is certainly capable of working his way into the starting 11 this season.

  • I’m down a lot on him but still confident he’ll come good! He has an iffy start with PSG but then found his form with goals/assists. But then was benched and fixture postponement which has damaged his price. I believe he will get more and more game time as the season evolves and should get in Spain’s squad for Euros. Remember Cavani is rumoured to be leaving in Jan and although playing great ADM only has a year left on his contract so may be offloaded too...

    His game SHOULD be perfectly suited to the PB matrix. Just needs game time

  • Was one of my most frustrating holds. Eventually lost patience with lack of gametime and took an age to market sell him.

  • I’ve held for a while but have no idea why. I usually have some kind of exit point with players but really have no clue why I have him so will just carry on.

  • @Thatguy I don’t think he’ll go down any more. And he’s the ‘type’ who with a brace of goals or assists could leap up 30p in a day. So hopefully you’ll be able to exit on a spike soon

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