Vardy Party time....

  • So why has England's number 2 striker...( and now arguably no 1 with the Kane injury) been criminally priced around the 70p mark - till today ???!!!!

    Leicester still in the FA Cup, Pushing for europe plus with a world cup on the horizon and Jamie looking sharper than ever..........what price will he settle at
    in the days to come ?!!!!

    Happy days........

  • Great player however for FI purposes he’s historically not won performance buzz he’s been a good flip for me over time been a flipper rats favourite today I held 200 and sold them for 85p a few weeks back but for long enough you could of got in at 75p will be interesting may depend on Kane’s angle scan. No ones touched other alternatives

  • @Chicken-Badge same CB. Bought and sold Vardy for a profit about 3 times!

  • England's number 1 striker scored 2 goals against Liverpool on Saturday.

  • @Stevo said in Vardy Party time....:

    @Chicken-Badge same CB. Bought and sold Vardy for a profit about 3 times!

    He should of been my biggest trade. In January after the playthrough he went down to 61p naively in seconds I panic sold about hundred Lamela thinking there was a knock on effect and main traders was all pulling out.. if I had the experience I have now I’d of bought about 2000 and spent about £1500 on him... has holding him from 61p to 81p would of been a no brainer and I’d of been the first holders of him with a World Cup coming up!

  • Do you think Vardy will increase yet?

  • @NewUser81859

    He’s a player I like, hugely underrated on FI because he’s not won any Buzz. If Kane is out for World Cup he will rise but will be flipped on way up too. If Kane’s out only a few weeks becouse world cups not till June he may take a tempary hit.. allot is on what is said at meet too about World Cup plans and how many take up the playthrough late in season.. all these factors may effect is price in someways.., sadly in FI lesser clubs has in not CL place contenders are overlooked.., people want the top three club players and spurs was also there till the old lady robbed us... The Foxes are always underestimated and vardy undervalued just like Mehrez was last year on here! I respect the foxes has if you didn’t win League we would of lost it to Arsenal that year on last day of season

  • Great result for me yesterday got in at 93p got out at 1.25. I hold kane so worked as a good hedge against the drop i had on him

  • @TradingJournal

    So many times held 200 of him too at 76p but was down to 10 lost £100 with selling too soon

  • @Chicken-Badge Cant win them all mate. Take the positive that the potential you see in him originally came through.

  • Vardy is now a serious MB candidate during the international break and most likely to lead the attack, a couple of buzz wins would make a great ROI, bought him to hedge my Kane holds

  • Making a massive loss on Vardy .

    Can someone help whether to keep or sell ?

  • @NewUser81859 No matter the player, the advice is the same:
    Why did you buy originally? Do those reasons still apply?
    If yes, how much profit do you anticipate making? Over what period?
    Can you see opportunities to make more profit over that period than you would with Vardy (once commission and spread are factored in)?

    Once you've answered those questions (as best you can - no one has a crystal ball of course!) then you should be able to make a decision on when to sell (now? During/after the int. break? Before/during/after the WC?). And if it turns out you made the wrong decision, you won't feel so bad as you know you made your choice based on the best logical information at the time.
    It's been mentioned a lot and some disagree or find it hard to get their head around, but whether you are making a loss or a profit now doesn't really matter, all that matters is the current price and which way you think it will go.

  • @NewUser81859 isn't he below media buzz top 200?

  • @NewUser81859 he peaked at £1.29 recently before someone creamed off their profits and he's now down at 91p so you've got to consider that outside of the top 200 players he's worthless for Media based dividends.. which leaves you with PB dividends only (unless you're after capital appreciation).

    On the PB you're only looking at Leicesters Premier League games, he's unlikely to lead the line for England in Russia as Kane will (hopefully) be back by then and he's up against others too.

    IMO he's probably a safe bet in that his price is unlikely to fall but I'd tread carefully just buying him for this media period alone.

  • I bought him after Harry Kane got injured, bought him just for the World Cup.

    I bought 300 at 1.18 and am in red at -£81. I was convinced he would go up.

    I guess am going have to wait to see how he performs in the next two friendly games with England.

    Thanks everyone for replying

  • Other than when Leicester won the title, Vardy has never really been a decent hold, I found that out the hard way my self a few times when I started.

  • @NewUser81859

    I bought at 76 x 200 sold at different points. Last lot I sold was my remaining 10 at 117 and bought 10 back at 1-14 he’s in the England set up however the trend at moment is big names are going down Kane went up today and knock on effect is son and vardy went down ... I sold 100 x son and he dropped 2p I think to be honest not a good time to buy

  • @Chicken-Badge there's an article saying so may have to join the south Korean army mate. Think that might have made a few people nervous cos it says it's 2 year mandatory. Dunno how much truth in it.

  • @Stevo

    Totally lazy journalism this is far from a new story and I didn’t sell has thought traders would know this already I’m sure I put it in one of my replys to you on here has a down point I did actually think it was 1 year not two. However he’s ok for next season

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