Everton players

  • If Marco Silva gets the bullet who's the main player you think will rise of the back of this?

  • Moise Kean for me. Has risen a bit recently but still on a big dip over last few months. Came on last night and you can see the raw talent but lack of confidence - desperately needs a new manager boost like Dele at Spurs did.

  • @Killa2309 Lucas Digne by a mile for me. His game is perfect for PB and he's posting pretty decent scores without Everton winning or keeping clean sheets.
    He's ready to rocket with a change of manager and results.

  • @janner73 that’s the only Everton player I’ve got

  • Can it be Tom Davies?

  • @weerab Just waiting patiently on him. As soon as they get a few wins and clean sheets his scores will start to stand out - honestly reckon he should be at least £2.50 but Everton's poor under Silva is holding him back.

  • @janner73 hope your right mate as youve already said decent PB scores and then IF hey can start winning games he will be heavily involved also , but i like the idea of Moise Kean came with lots of potential so maybe a change will really help him

  • I’m thinking of topping up on Jonjoe Kenny still out on loan at Schalke and playing well; Hoping he’s a decent hold on his return

  • @weerab I'm not sure on Kean - I can see him ending up back in Italy.
    If it's a manager that will give youth a chance then Anthony Gordon has to make the list - the fans have been screaming out for him to get a chance and he's recently had a position change from midfielder to forward which is favourable.

  • I was torn between Kean and Richarlison, but I agree, I don't think Kean will stay in the prem, I read something a few days ago his father had been complaining at his stay in England,and if Silva goes, good chance Richarlison will go aswel. so I opted for Richarlison, picked up a few Bernards aswel, he does seem overly cheap compared to the others.

  • Kean will go back to Italy IMO, such a weird player- doesn't actually seem to be good at one particular thing? Is very lazy too and apparently his attitude is terrible. Only Everton players I'd even consider are Digne and Richarlison and Richarlison would mainly be for transfer spec

  • I’m hoping a new manager will give Bernard and Coleman more game time - mainly because I hold both as cheap punts.

  • Tom Davies, great young talent. Worked hard to get back in the team, new manager will spot his talent and the fact he is a local lad always attracts the attention of a new manager.

  • @Sill7 would you not say he's back playing due to 3 out of their 5 cdm's being injured rather than cause he's worked hard? Big Sam would be all over him tho

  • @ChazFI123 Keeping Morgan Schneiderlin out of the team, before he Tom Davies got injured he was a star for England u21s.

  • @Sill7 in terms of an FI prospect, not really sure? Has only ever scored 100+ once. Not sure any manager can help improve a player that much

  • @ChazFI123 I agree Tom Davies doesn't get high scores but its difficult to get a decent score in a team not performing well and Everton are not a team who hold the ball much at least currently. Personally i feel he can play in various positions in midfiled which gives managers options. Also look at England's center mid. all ageing Delph, Henderson. I don't see a huge difference between Harry Winks and Tom other than Winks has been playing in a better team over the past few years and he is in the England squad. Just my opinion and i hold few Shares :)

  • @NewUser262793 winks. barkley, rice, foden, oxlade-chamberlain, dier, grealish, loftus-cheek fair few options who aren't all ageing. Personally I'd be amazed if he's in the England set up any time soon, good luck tho!

  • @ChazFI123 England are gonna have a squad of 23 midfielders for the Euros the rate I see England squad suggested for any English midfielder.

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