Atletico Madrid

  • @Chris-C Rumours at the moment but wouldn't surprise me if it's true. Been there a long time now and could well be time for a change to freshen things up.
    Simeone at Arsenal would be great for Arsenal maybe not so good for Arsenal players on FI - his tactics are a PB killer lol.

  • @janner73 Simeone is a great manager... But he would need 25 new signings very quickly if he likes players that work hard. In todays game you don't get that kind of time to turn it around. Hoping we go with a manager who is purely there to transition us and pave the way for a top class manager to come in with a clean slate and do well from the off (rather than throw a new manager in at the deep end, no budget, shit players, demanding fan base). Which means going with someone no one likes already... Or an Arsenal legend who will have some leway.

    RE At Madrid... He's worked wonders but it's time for a change... You either need to be overachieving, which he was for a long time but isn't now, or playing beautiful football. They have a huge pool of talent.

  • @Vespasian32 Who do you think ends up at Arsenal? Do you think Freddie gets a decent run to stake his claim?

  • @janner73 Freddie till end of season. I'd quite like Vieira to come in after. Or my fav (not a popular opinion) Rodgers! Or Nagglesmann... But I don't think either will leave their clubs so soon after joining and given the success they are having.
    Gallardo perhaps an out of the box choice.

    I don't want Arteta, Allegri, Zidane

    Rafa would be interesting.

  • @Vespasian32 I put £20 on Viera at 33/1 when Emery got sacked, come on Patrick!!

  • Simeone has been previously linked with Everton.

  • @Vespasian32 Why would Rodgers take a step down to go to a mid table club like Arsenal

  • @ChazFI123 think he’s close to the sack at Nice I heard lol

  • @Vespasian32 i would genuinely have Allardyce come in to see us through this season...sort the defence and midfield out. Surely with his organisation and no nonsense style but with 3/4 class attackers he could win europa and keep us up.

    Freddie looks out of his depth already...if an ex legend needs to steady the ship then Keown/Adams/Campbell someone again more no nonsense defending and organising. From what i have seen of Freddies 2 games, its the same headless chickens.

    I'm keen to compare our pitch size to othe rprem teams. How is there always so much space between our players and behind our players and infront of our players?! When you watch other teams at home it looks a stodge fest with no space at all! Think the emirates was designed for Wengerball, but to play like that as seen at city you need the best players.

  • Benitez would be brilliant at arsenal imo.

  • @Tom77 said in Atletico Madrid:

    Benitez would be brilliant at arsenal imo.

    I concur.

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