Why December is a good time to buy!

  • As with any good trader or investor the best time to buy is usally when the market is stagnating or when others are selling.

    I honestly believe if you have funds available December is a great time to buy players and invest into FI,let me explain why.

    Players prices are dropping - This may sound really obvious but alot of players prices have dropped over the last 2 weeks and this is an opportunity to buy a player for cheaper than he has been for a while, months in some cases. December is always quiet but January is always booming so any players you buy now will almost certainly cost more come the end January. Opporutnities to buy proven div returners for cheap do not come round very often.

    IPD - Buying a player now is perfect for IPD. Everyone knows the fixture list is brutal in England over the festive period so buying a player now gives nearly all prem based players a huge amount of IPD div opportunities. Wolves for example have 7 games in the next 30 days. Whether you buy for IPD typically or not you can not argue that Xmas is a busy time so buying players at reduced cost with the added extra games for IPD is a huge positive.

    Div opportunities + winter break - As mentioned above, the xmas period is a very congested time for football teams. Lots of matches to be played, lots of gold and silver days so plenty of opporutnities to win divs.

    So to conclude buying now means you are getting players at a cheap price but with instant chances to win dividens, i believe almost any player brought now will be worth more come start of Febuary but you would of also had the opportunity to win IPD and PB divs.

  • Agreed plus also a big FI marketing drive upcoming = lots of new money incoming over the next few months.

  • Would it be fair to assume a counter-balance in that all the money being pumped into EPL over the festive season will be drained back out come january?

    So hypothetically I've bought say.....vardy

    From my nosying around various mediums Vardy isn't really regarded as a good long term hold - to be used as an IPD player he is regarded as being a bit too pricey (all different opinions, I myself do not hold but really like the guy) his price is rising week in week out so anyone who bought in say a week ago, could end up with a few divs and enough cap app to market sell at a tidy profit

    Pure hypothetical I'm only using him as an example and different players will tick different boxes

    But my worry never having been through this period before would be that there could be a massive market swing back into PB players come jan and I could be left holding phil Jones at 9p ;)

  • @SteveFate83

    In Jan you get a good rise in Bundesliga players, who typically drop off now

  • @SteveFate83 yeah I wouldn’t buy Vardy for IPD, like you said he’s way too expensive.
    If you’re looking for IPD over the festive period in premier league, Chris Wood or Ashley Barnes would both be my shouts to buy. Both have 6 in 13 games and are 52p and 59p respectively.
    One every other game isn’t a bad record, and for sub 60p you can’t really complain either

  • @SteveFate83 There will almost certainly be a dip in EPL players that have seen significant rises in the past week at some point and that money will move back in to other PB leagues.

  • Still in my first year on FI so not been through all the cycles yet. One cycle id like explained is this 'January will rocket' idea. How after Christmas when everyone has spent a fortune on food, drink and presents do new users find cash to join a completely unknown betting site and launch thousands into it. Are most people not forever moaning about counting the days till end of Jan for their salary to arrive??

  • @BarbayanBrawler very fair point but I do believe with the massive advertising push we will see hopefully some new users as the popularity is increasing

    Add to the marketing there is chatter on Twitter of some risk free incentives along the lines of × amount is given back after 1 week if you arent happy

    When I joined last month it was £500 risk free

  • @BarbayanBrawler January is when FI have a massive marketing push. January of this year was absolutely mental with new users - and based on the marketing plans then there is every reason to expect the same this time around.

  • @janner73 just out of curiosity, when was the share split announced? Just wondering whether that coincided at all

  • @Ddr I think share split announcement was mid November, open to clarification on that though

  • @Ddr It was announced in November I believe. The biggest driver of new sign-ups was the £500 Try Jan promotion though - it bought in huge numbers.

  • I agree.

    If anyone wants a Div's player who will generate transfer buzz next summer, Champions League buzz (potential winner) this year and then be the main star/captain of a team to be heavily talked about in the Euros...

    Look no further than Ronaldo! A ridiculously low price for someone who, come the spring and summer months will get up to £4.

    I have £200 in him currently, although at a higher price but I'm not panicking, he will return my money and then some come the Summer!

  • @DaveKN07 Why would he generate transfer buzz in the summer when this is only his 2nd season in Italy. Where do you realistically think he will go. Doubt Juve will win CL, they'll go a few rounds in knockouts but doubt they'd win the whole thing.

  • @DaveKN07 I hold but that sir is nonsense

  • @Sav2000 Yeah, I mean I wouldn't say Ronaldo is at a ridiculously low price right now around £3. Plus if you're looking for CA on someone for Euros I'd be looking around the £1/£1.50 market, not someone at £3.

  • @DaveKN07 said in Why December is a good time to buy!:

    If anyone wants a Div's player who will generate transfer buzz next summer, C

    What transfer buzz? Is Ronaldo unhappy?

  • Judging by a preview of one of their newspaper ads it looks like not only are they doing try Jan again, but are upping it to £5k risk free.


    The pic isn’t great quality so can’t make out for certain but there is going to be a huge surge in Jan if this is the case.

  • @Chris-J very good spot. 👍

  • Buckle up people

    Yep definitely a 5 & three zero's.....

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