Ngolo Kante

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    basically this is the reason. Plus other midfielders within his team are far more likely to win PB than him.

  • @Ericali My point being he's more than just a def mid though especially in the Chelsea set-up. He seems to be everywhere on the pitch and already has only scored 1 less than he did for the whole of the last season.

  • @Pagey74 I don't think he's much of a hold - but like I say, I DO think he may have some cap app in him using February as a exit point.

  • @Ericali How can I argue against a guy like you with your exceptional record on here? But I'll give it a go 🤣🤣
    I'm only basing it on 1 game against Villa but I believe Kante completed more passes and created more chances than other player.

    I understand what you and others are saying but I think with the Euro's coming up I'm keeping my trust in him until at least the end of the Euro's. I also think new users will buy players they know.

  • @Pagey74 I made the EXACT same mistake when I joined last month, if you want to call it a mistake that is

    Kantè may be a good hold for the winter break and some cap appreciation as already said when the market picks up

    But sadly he is not a player that competes for PB - that would be any of the other chelsea players apparently lol

    How you should think of a PB player is not just necessarily someone who scores goals cause kante will nick the odd one, think of each team - who is the 'quarterback' so to speak, the guy continuously wanting the ball and setting up the offensive plays, takes set pieces even better. At the moment the matrix gives a fair chunk of points even for a failed cross so you get the idea -kante breaks up the play and sweeps the loose balls and occasionally chips in offensively, but really its jorginho (IMO) who is the chelsea quarterback

  • @SteveFate83 I joined in June at got on him at 51p so I can't complain. I just have a gut feeling there is more to come from him. I understand exactly what you're saying though.

  • @Pagey74 ah your laughing then cant really go wrong

    I bought 30 at 90p and after some guidance from the forum....instant sold him lol

    Chalked down to a lesson, cheap lesson lol

  • @Pagey74 said in Ngolo Kante:

    One of my 1st buys on the index even though I was advised not to buy as def midfielders don't do well on the scoring matrix.

    Anyway I'm curious as to why his price his so low. He is far more than just a def midfielder with 3 goals in 8 Premiership apps this season. I believe he posted a score of 181 last night against Villa without a goal or assist.

    At 28 he is the prime of his career and with the Euro's around the corner I just cannot understand his price.

    Can someone shed some light.

    Pagey, I reckon you're on to a winner with him. Sometimes new managers make changes to the way footballers play. Look at Deli Alli since Jose turned up. He has all the same qualities that Oscar had under Mourinho, so it's no surprise that he's stepped up a notch.

    Kante under Lampard has more encouragement to get forward, making darting runs through the middle. He's scored 3 in 6 rather than 4 in 36 last season. If he keeps that up, the market will catch on. If there's one thing we know about Frank, he knows how to put the ball in the back of the net better than most and under his coaching, it's not a surprise to see Kante get more goals.

    I've used this example a few times over the last year but when I first signed up last December, I bought Aubameyang and spent months puzzled as to why the market wasn't interested in the Premierships top scorer. I watched as he crashed and was told by the forum that his age was putting people off. I got frustrated and sold him. He's up 70p (50%) since I sold him. It's not that he was too old, it's that I'd spotted an undervalued player and by the sounds of it, you might have too. Trust your gut.

  • @Dan-The-Man I hope so mate. I get what the others are saying however I think his game has been transformed under fat Frank. More of a box to box mid rather than a holding mid. He seems to be everywhere on the pitch.

  • @Pagey74 I got in him a bit earlier than you and I am still holding him whatever other says. For many reasons:
    -He has not played much since the beginning of this season. He will have a lot more to give from now to the end of this season and the EURO 2020.

    • He will play as soon as he fits for Chelsea, one of big 6 in PL
    • He will be playing in EURO for a high-competence team racing for the champion.

  • @Pagey74 I personally think you will be fine with Kante, agree with @Dan-The-Man's comments. He sees so much of the ball under Lampard whilst also still breaking up the play. He played really well against Man City and again against Villa. Scoring 181 without a Goal or Assist against the latter which shows me you could have found a little gem. Whilst previously he doesnt look that appealing under Lampard i feel he does and have bought myself, also Lampard is asking all his midfield to chip in with goals too as he knows how vital it is. Not sure he would produce same scores for France but will still be going to Euros bar injuries.

  • PB score of 220 tonight. No goals. No assists. No brainer.

  • @Pagey74 Jorginho 150 and Kovacic 153 if someone says he is not PB-compete to other Chelsea midfielders.

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