Jonjoe Shelvey and other under 50p players...

  • What a bizarre goal 😂😂 linesman put his flag up and the Sheffield gk didn’t really try to save it. VAR is brilliant when it goes your way.

    @Smilayo I just can’t see him getting to go to the Euros although he would be a different option. Pretty much every pass he makes is a forward one but I just don't think Southgate likes him. He was in a good run of form before the last world cup and Southgate didn’t even mention him as an option.

  • Might get a bit of media tomorrow with that goal if it is a quiet day!

  • I really cant see the point of the linesmen anymore they just seem to be causing confusion when the VAR is doing their job anyway. They constantly get made to look daft.

  • How is Shelvey still under 60p? Yes I know Newcastle are exactly the greatest PB team due to their lack of possession stats but he’s now scored in 4 of his last 6 matches and continues to takes the corners and free kicks.

    If he carries on in this form it won’t be long until a better Premier League team come calling.

    If he can just get a PB win soon I think he could get close to £1. What does everyone else think? I hold 500 at 36p and cursing myself for not buying 10 times that!!! Do I sit on these or invest more?

  • More chance of you winning PB than Jonjo mate.

  • @CBN Scored 170 today with 1 goal. No assists, no GWG and only 3 corners taken. Take off the 45 for the goal and the 18 for a team win his base was still over 100. If he had scored the winning goal today he would have been close to winning top midfielder on a gold match day.

    He’s certainly got a chance on a silver or bronze match day.

  • @OldhamSam doesn't need a bigger team we're heading to europe before brucey takes over from southgate after the euros 😂

  • @OldhamSam defo invest more mate, I've held shelvey for less than two months and mbappe for over a year. And shelvey has paid me out more in divs and close to the same in profit facts!!!

  • @Smilayo hmmm I’d love to see that proof 🤣

  • @Smilayo said in Jonjoe Shelvey and other under 50p players...:

    @OldhamSam defo invest more mate, I've held shelvey for less than two months and mbappe for over a year. And shelvey has paid me out more in divs and close to the same in profit facts!!!

    That may well be true but longer term whose got the better potential? I'm a Newcastle fan and Shelvey whilst offering something different doesn't suit a team who want to keep the ball, he offers long range passes but given teams work so hard to keep hold of the ball I just can't see him getting into any England squad before the euros never mind the euros themselves.

    Mbappe meanwhile will be there for France as they try to repeat the double they did in 1998 and 2000, plus he will have transfer rumours about Real Madrid/LIverpool/Man City and any other big team again so Media divs will happen. Add into the fact that PSG are all about the Champions League and more chance for him to get dividends from there.

    Yes Shelvey has hit a purple patch, but even with his weird and wonderful VAR goal against Sheff Utd he was nowhere near media divs.


    Beyond his IPD he hasn't done anything, and if you bought Shelvey 30 days ago then he has contributed the following IPD:

    3 goals @ £0.01 per share
    Total £0.03 IPD

    In the same time Mbappe has:
    6 goals @ £0.01 per share
    3 assists @ £0.01 per share
    Total £0.09 IPD

    You could argue that in that time Shelvey has been a better short term investment as his value has gone from £0.37 to £0.55 and Mbappe has dropped from £6.60 - £6.40 but who has more room to grow? A 27 midfielder playing for a mid table premier league team at best whose peak price in the last 12 months is £0.60, or 20 year old attacker playing for French Champions, in the champions league, wanted by the best clubs in the world, French international who has already won the world cup along with numerous individual awards and whose peak price in the last 12 months is £6.90

    So to try and compare them long term doesn't work, any player can have a purple patch but you've got to look at everything rather than just the info that supports your POV.

    And one tiny favour to ask, if you want to pump Shelvey all over the platform that's fine, but please drop the 'e' from Jonjoe, that's not how he spells his name.

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