Jayden Dreycott Ceilings - Ceiling

  • The top priced player on the index is just below £8 so surely Jason will be worth at least double that in 2 months time if he manages to impress his youth coach this weekend.
    Especially with some of the foreign leagues on a winter break, surely this increases the likelihood of some MB for the likes of JDC during the coming weeks.

  • I want to buy 1000 shares as followed you in on Advincula and made enough cash to quit my job. Can’t find him on here though, is his name Jayden or Jason? Went halfway and found a Jadon but he looked shite.

  • @Thatguy

    I think he is know simply as JDC he is that good, but they may have removed him temporarily just to give the other players a chance

  • No ceiling on this one: Jayson is so good that he merely has a neverending atmosphere of future growth around him.

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