Odion Ighalo drop

  • Bit of trade on him last few days(including myself) with watford and various prem links. Seems to have dropped off tonight have I missed something?? Checked usual sources and can't see anything stand out ?

  • No i think someone sold up which sparked a shock panic sell as usual he will be back im rebuying now!

  • Just logged in to ask the same question šŸ˜±

  • Can't find anything either, seems to be more stories with prem links each day. top up time???

  • each day they are backed up more newcastle most likely not but the rest all hands on deck i think them clubs need to bring in experienced players with guaranteed goals to help teams atm certainly the way managers are dropping like flies!

  • @SteC1987 I'm topped up ....30p for impending PL transfer !!! šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘Œ

  • @Chalky agreed newcastle won't get him he's not ashley's type of signing at all, into his 30's on a high salary. also scores a few goals we don't sign goalscorers

  • @SteC1987 hahah must be a Newcastle fan then be pleased with tonight though!

  • @StinkyT25 if he does transfer to the Prem it will be to Watford who are definitely going down. Good luck offloading a striker in their 30s from the championship. Also... might be just a loan deal as the Chinese league is over. Iā€™d suggest staying clear

  • @Chalky guilty šŸ˜‚ great result tonight 3 points away from home is always welcome

  • The spread on iggy is enough to put me off... You're buying at 30p and his peak is like 40...you make no money if you have to IS, so you want to start market selling quite early... 35/36p ish. And if you buy bulk to make the small gain worthwhile then you skew his price and own too much of your margin! I don't see any meaningful profit to be made, certainly not comparable to the risk involved

  • He touched 38p today so I'd imagine his peak won't be 40p
    I still think at 30p or whatever he is, the risk is not that high, seems very likely to get a move to the premier league and if he gets a goal or two will go well above 40p

  • @NewUser365240 hasnt broken past 40p in a year... Was linked last Jan and in summer.

    OK, if he actually joins and scores it might be slightly higher... But these trades are best not to wait for the actual move. I think the rumours will take him to 40p ish... Not enough incentive. Huge spread to get stuck with.

  • @Vespasian32 Iā€™m going to hold in the hope that he signs for Watford hits the ground running scores goals that saves them from relegation and wins media dividends due to it and sell at 90p šŸ¤‘šŸ¤‘šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

  • TBH saying its risky holding a 30p player with yes not a preferable spread but a possibility to rise at least double is like not going out in case you sh*t your pants ive seen far worse players being bought into with less margin for profit so what if you lose out on Ā£50 over 1000 shares that's nothing compared to what it could make thats my personal opinion and yes i do hold

  • Finally some good opportunity at 31p, these last few days were a bit boring...

    Akpom is keeping the bench warm in Greece and rocketed to 47p, Ighalo is priced at 31p ... easy money!

  • @Vespasian32 spot on 10000% I learnt my lesson with Bony Wilfried!

  • @Vespasian32 Spot on!
    He was 18p less than a week ago - if one bit of news breaks making a move look unlikely and you miss it he'll be back down at 20p very quickly and you'll have to be ISing at 15p. Iirc last January he was allegedly in the UK ready to sign for someone. It sounds more to me that he's the one desperate to move back and his agent is leaking stories to try and get interest.
    For the relatively small gains on offer it's not one I'd want to be worried about watching for news 24/7.
    The quick drop already shows how quickly he will drop and the risks involved.

  • I'm happy to wait and see what happens if he was 38p at the beginning of december with a few rumours then surely he'll go if something more concrete develops. no point trying to apply logic to it people were buying zlatan at about 90p not long ago and he could have retired on the spot, even with a good move would he be likely to return enough dividends to cover that? i doubt it,

  • @SteC1987 I got 500 @.34p and happy to wait and see. Might go back to Ā£.20p or double šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø worth the risk with the prem rumours. Zlatan could still reach Ā£1 people love him, Iā€™m personally staying away

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