Almiron v Sheff Utd

  • Anyone at the game or watch it on TV (if it was on) who can tell me how he played?

    Little concerned as a holder that his PB scores seen pretty bad even when Newcastle seem to win. I didn't see the game last night but was hoping he was a shout for PB winner but didn't even get close.

  • He’s not a very good player not just in terms of being a football player but also in terms of PB

  • @BradD Seen him play on a number of occasions now. Can't fault his work rate or attitude. Does everything at 100 mph and his decision making is very poor hence no goals and 1 assist in almost a year. Also posession wise Newcastle have very little of the ball so can't see Almiron posting any decent pb scores.

  • Have watched nearly every toon game and you can't fault his workrate but end product is a major problem. He's like a headless chicken running around at 100mph but never looks like he actually knows what he's doing.

    Seems to get a decent amount of goals for Paraguay so maybe it's a system thing but Bruce isn't really the man to coach an improvement out of him I wouldn't say unfortunately.

  • Quite amazed how his price has stayed at around the 80p mark.
    Obviously some people have faith🤔
    Lots of endeavour but very little end product.

  • I still have faith in him to come good in terms of scoring and assisting. For effort and endeavour he is always up there for us but I wouldn’t hold for FI. We don’t keep hold of the ball enough to get decent PB scores even if they score. Won 2-0 yesterday with only Brighton players competing with ours for PB yet our gk is the only player to win PB despite one of our other defenders having got the GWG. I wouldn't hold any of our players for PB potential.

  • Couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo

  • I only hold the Saint as he's the only one I can ever see accomplishing anything, came close to top forward the other night(has he been changed from MID?), otherwise I agree with CJ0101

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