Potential PB Gems goings under the Radar

  • been working to change around my portfolio for a while now (still not happy with it) as its very stagnant, looking at the next potential trends i have a feeling that it will be players with potential to hit top PB scores but arent currently for one reason or another, and are at rock bottom prices. these players essentially are hidden gems and just need a few things to click in place. they also need to be affordable, anyone over £2.50 IMO is alreading trending up. who now currently meets the criteria of being under £2.50 with potential of mixing it ith the big boys. some on my radar are

    Pablo Sarabia - £1.16
    proven PB performer, just needs game time and may leave if he doesnt get it at PSG, which he'd then be massivly underpriced - also hopeful of Euro place

    Donny Van de Beek - £1.75
    Big Performer, dont see that his price has been over inflated with a potential move to real madrid and the Euros on the cards

    Gaetano Castrovilli -£1.21
    Okay this guy isnt a proven PB player but i've been watching Serie A a bit latley and this fella is getting more and more involved in games - i think it maybe a matter of time before we see an upturn in his PB scores - starts every game and should go to Euros

    Justin Kluivert - £1.26
    currently injured, but started to look like a real player, was getting a more regular role in the Roma starting 11 and has an outside shot of Euros if form continues

    Nicolo Barella - £1.40
    italian players seem to be trendy on the index and this guy is growing into a role where he's becoming undroppable for club and country - i can only see his PB scores improving as he becomes more established

    Dwight McNeil - £1.86
    Looking good in a struggling Burnley team, its a matter of time before he gets a move and he should relish a role in a more attacking team

    Dominik Szoboszlai - £1.60
    Fingers crossed he gets a move to a PB league (a team who will play him) - he can completly boss a game and suits PB perfectly...just needs the right team. Also an outside chance of Hungary qualifying for Euros

    as you can see from the prices, this is the price category i think might be next to see a rise, affordable PB players...

    other notable players who i could have mentioned are Oyarzabal, Chiesa, Olmo, Kulusevski, but i feel these have already started to rise so are towards the top of this price category (all around £2.20)

    let me know thoughts on these players and others you think belong on this list

  • Kluivert a PB player?

  • not yet but i think his scores will improve as he establishes himself as a starter - he's always been in and out the team which distorts his scores

  • @G27 Agree - his scores are slowly improving and he has more game involvement than a lot of out and out strikers. He needs to improve his goal and assist contributions and his scores will start looking a lot better.

  • @G27
    I’m on Van de beek, I think he should be around the £2.10 mark right now, I think there should be a decent increase over the next 2 months easily.

  • Otavio Santos - 49p - Bordeaux
    PB average 125 (14 games)
    PB divs 12p
    Contract due up in 2021
    Massive potential for appreciation too

  • On barella so I'm hoping your right there mate. I think he has a great future

  • Pablo Sarabia - £1.16
    proven PB performer, just needs game time and may leave if he doesnt get it at PSG, which he'd then be massivly underpriced - also hopeful of Euro place

    Thanks for post, gonna take a closer look at these guys.

    Just a quick question though.

    Do you think if Sarabia leaves PSG he will still get the kind of PB scores? I don't know enough about him but I'm making a big assumption that him feeding Neymar and Mbappe in a dominant team might be boosting his PB score right now.

  • @Dan-The-Man

    his 18/19 season stats (was still at sevilla) were played
    P 52 G 23 A 17

    so that is a very decent return for a midfielder

  • Cataldi - Lazio

    31p, just needs more game time! I’m waiting patiently on this one.

  • @NewUser72082
    not sure this player can be classed in the same category, cant see any stats that lead me to believe he'll be a decent PB hopeful, and if there were any he wouldnt be sitting at 31p

  • @G27 - oh sorry you should have been more specific. You wanted to know about any overpriced non PB players or non starters. Don’t worry you’ve covered a fair few in your initial post 👍

  • Mentioned in the other thread .. Valentin Rongier is a diamond in the rough !

  • @NewUser72082
    unsure what the defensive attitude is about

  • I'd be shocked if Castrovilli doesn't prove to be an excellent long term hold. Especially just 30p above IPO price.

    He has all the technical ability and is a good ball striker in addition to the eye catching dribbling.

    Will only improve and has international football and a big move on the horizon, with Inter currently linked.

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