Potential PB Gems goings under the Radar

  • @G27
    I’m on Van de beek, I think he should be around the £2.10 mark right now, I think there should be a decent increase over the next 2 months easily.

  • Otavio Santos - 49p - Bordeaux
    PB average 125 (14 games)
    PB divs 12p
    Contract due up in 2021
    Massive potential for appreciation too

  • On barella so I'm hoping your right there mate. I think he has a great future

  • Pablo Sarabia - £1.16
    proven PB performer, just needs game time and may leave if he doesnt get it at PSG, which he'd then be massivly underpriced - also hopeful of Euro place

    Thanks for post, gonna take a closer look at these guys.

    Just a quick question though.

    Do you think if Sarabia leaves PSG he will still get the kind of PB scores? I don't know enough about him but I'm making a big assumption that him feeding Neymar and Mbappe in a dominant team might be boosting his PB score right now.

  • @Dan-The-Man

    his 18/19 season stats (was still at sevilla) were played
    P 52 G 23 A 17

    so that is a very decent return for a midfielder

  • Cataldi - Lazio

    31p, just needs more game time! I’m waiting patiently on this one.

  • @NewUser72082
    not sure this player can be classed in the same category, cant see any stats that lead me to believe he'll be a decent PB hopeful, and if there were any he wouldnt be sitting at 31p

  • @G27 - oh sorry you should have been more specific. You wanted to know about any overpriced non PB players or non starters. Don’t worry you’ve covered a fair few in your initial post 👍

  • Mentioned in the other thread .. Valentin Rongier is a diamond in the rough !

  • @NewUser72082
    unsure what the defensive attitude is about

  • I'd be shocked if Castrovilli doesn't prove to be an excellent long term hold. Especially just 30p above IPO price.

    He has all the technical ability and is a good ball striker in addition to the eye catching dribbling.

    Will only improve and has international football and a big move on the horizon, with Inter currently linked.

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