My cheeky Friday pump - Otavio Santos - 49p

  • Otavio Santos - 49p - Bordeaux
    PB average 125 (14 games)
    PB divs 12p
    Contract due up in 2021

  • @FairlyNewUser If you're going to pump at least put a bit more context to the information with the player. What are people supposed to make of those stats based just off that.

    Also considering the fact he spiked 11p after that anomaly 6-0 win, I wouldn't be buying at 49p, despite 49p not being expensive anyway. When are Bordeaux going to win/dominate a game to that magnitude again to allow him to win PB? Probably less than 1% chance of that happening again this season. There's almost no repeatability for that to occur again for a PB win for him.

  • @Andy He has won PB prior to that game (against Nice). Key point is capital appreciation with his contract expiring in 2021, and as you've hinted, Bordeaux is a mediocre team, so good chance of a Summer move if can maintain current form through the season and even at 49p I see him as low risk.

  • @FairlyNewUser If you're holding a player for planned CA in 18months time then more power to you. Money could be better spent elsewhere in the immediate time being

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