Chelsea free to sign players

  • Ban Overturned

  • Zaha to Chelsea rumours incoming.

    150m for Lamps to spend it seems. Be a shame if their talented English core suffers from this news.

  • This is in my opinion Sancho’s most likely destination in the Premier league. Spend some of the Hazard money to bring him in

  • Fedor Chalov!! Guaranteed transfer
    This will allow giroud/bat to move on

    Chalov already flying like a Russian astronaut πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  • Good for all transfer holds more speculation for everyone.

    In the summer chelsea were linked with ISAK and Chalov.
    Zaha, any other wingers, could fraser get a link?

  • Telles ?

  • Youcef Atal is the full back/ potential winger they've previously shown interest in - will probably get links again now.

  • We need an experienced CB and Striker aswell as recalling Gallagher - then shipping out Barkley, Pedro, Batshuayi and Giroud

  • I think Chelsea are a CB, LB, CAM and ST from being serious challengers. Probably a winger as well cause you'd imagine Pedro will leave

  • Seen a few stories linking Wout Weghorst to replace Giroud. He could be suited to the EPL

  • Think Ben Chilwell the most obvious for a move, not sure Leicester will sell in Jan though

  • I'd probably sell your chelsea youngsters if you hold. Nice while it lasted, but they'll be benched/off to pastures new soon.

  • Great news for the Index. Transfer speculation galore - in and out!

  • Jadon Sancho looks very likely, being a Chelsea fan and good mates with several of the squad plus Dortmund will want to cash out sooner rather than later. Alex Telles or Nicolas Tagliafico for left back the other place that needs strengthening and both already been rumoured. I would anticipate rises in all three and predict Chelsea won't hold back in January as they have Hazards money to spend.

  • Personally can't see the Sancho deal happening, don't get how they'd convince CHO to sign a new contract and pay big money for Pulisic if they're just gonna drop one 6 months later for another young player

  • Young Russian forward Fedor Chalov, Chelsea been tracking him for months. Suspect he will be the first signing, only 21 too so would be a great signing.

    currently very cheap, but that is the risk you take.

  • @ChazFI123 if its not chelsea i can only Liverpool or City signing him. And both those squads have more depth than chelsea in that area. Chelsea may also lose Willian soon so Sancho is the ideal signing to replace both Willian and Hazard

    I dont think Man united have even the slightest chance of realistically signing him i will be amazed if he went there as it goes against his entire personal background

  • @Black-wolf I think they're more likely to buy someone cheaper and more experienced to replace them, if they genuinely believe CHO and Pulisic are good enough to be the future of the club then why do they need to go spend 100+ million on another young winger. I'll probably get proven wrong and they'll agree the deal in principle tomorrow, but I just don't see it happening personally

  • @ChazFI123 he wont go for 100 million though these are all over exaggerated numbers made by the media or the club to push the price up as much as they can. If teams like Chelsea want to compete with City and Liverpool they need be able to rotate the squad and do with players all of a high calibre not 1st choices and back ups

  • @Black-wolf aubameyang was around 60 million, you can add atleast 20 million on to that for Sancho being English and far younger and prices have got more ridiculous since then too. Pulisic also cost about that. Chelsea have bigger holes in their squad, I think they will be more likely to go and sign 2 Β£50 million players than 1 Β£100 million player when they already have good options in that position.

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