• Is it fair to say this guy is in a prime position to invest in right now.

    What he's bringing to investors at the moment is possibly numerous MB over the Dec/Jan period especially now Chelsea have had their ban lifted too, aswell as a significant price increase if he does join a club in January.

    Whilst currently performing as standard for a Palace team who sit 7th in the table.... The big plus is if he doesn't move to anyone in January investors have the good fortune of lovely set of fixtures coming up over the next few weeks that are sure to help Zaha's performances.

    Its also worth noting that those PB % will be a tad higher what with the other 4 leagues closing for the winter break, so this 'less difficult' run of fixtures can only aid his chances...

    West Ham

    Infact Palace only play 1 'Top 6' side in the next 15/16 games!!

    Surely a perfect time for Zaha?

  • @NewUser434312 I just sold up on the spike! Happy with my decision

  • Sold at £2.39 a few days ago. Interesting that he's continuing to spike but I made my profit and moved funds elsewhere. I think he's overvalued even if he does move to Chelsea as he doesn't put up big PB numbers often.

  • Overrated in my eyes, has a worldie of a game 1 in 10-15 games, not consistent and as mentioned not a great PB scorer

  • 'Overrated' is a bit harsh, I dont believe he's not deserving of a Top 6 club and I certainly believe that with better players around him he would be twice the player.... as for being 'overpriced' I think you could say that for quite a few in in the Premiership let alone the index... I just strongly believe with Palace's form, his form, their fixture run and the Media attention that you really couldn't ask for much more in hope of either IPDs, MB or another price increase

  • @NewUser434312 exactly, people need to let this run until late Jan, purely for MB and transfer links... sell on the spike if he moves to higher club.

    Worst case enjoy the MB and IPDs and chase of the PBS.

  • Was always a no brainer for transfer spec.

    That's why I started buying in October.

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