Stipe Perica

  • Scored again tonight against Anderlecht 4 in 6 now since returning from injury, on loan at mouscron from udinese, former Chelsea player, only 24 and Croatian 18p is an absolute bargain for his potential if he goes back to italy

  • Scored more than 5 goals in only 3 seasons and never more than 10. (In fairness, doesn't get a huge amount if minutes.)

    If he was 20, maybe, but at 24 he should have done more by now.

  • @MUFC on good form but risky especially if no move or doesn’t feature when he returns to parent club. I’m in for 450, love a risky hold

  • @Matt-flint bit of a gamble but decent upside if goes well, he has been injured a fair amount but shown alot of promise as a youngster that's why Chelsea picked him up, may have to wait but a potential pb lucky win pays half his cost

  • @MUFC true. Will give him a bit of time and see what happens

  • Scored another 2 today, when he gets back to udinese he will fly, he may even sneak into euro contention if he keeps this form up. 7 in 8 now since returning from injury

  • Another winning goal last night for the boy 👌 he is on fire.22p is an absolute bargain, I keep saying it but if he keeps this form up he will have a big rise when he goes back to udinese, may even get noticed by few English clubs having been on Chelsea books. Looks like it may be falling into place for him after stop start career

  • @MUFC pump and dump on him this week tho, hit £0.32p I think but now £0.24

  • Still good hold imo tho

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