Parrott to debut v Bayern...

  • This is what Jose is now suggesting. Is this time for Parrott to take off after a bit of a slump? If Jose starts giving him chances over the next month and with the FA cup in a few weeks then perhaps he could start rising again. Also if Ireland make the Euros then that could help over the next 6 months I’m guessing.

  • Yup next Tuesday is big for him as Jose has guaranteed him minutes vs Bayern. Got to see him rise again before that.

  • @TeamGB Jose trying to show he's a changed man. He brought on 3 kids yesterday including Parrot. So sounds promising.
    Doubt much money will go on as any money available is still going into pb holds. But still good news for holders. My port is mainly div based, but have a few wonderkids and he's one I hold plenty of.

  • The youth trend will come round again - it always does. New users tend to favour young guns too so my prediction is the likes of Parrott will rise in January if not before, when a surge in new growth is anticipated.

    Great to see Parrott come on for last few mins yesterday and can't wait to see how he does v Bayern. Sessegnon looked in good shape yesterday too.

  • Parrott being linked to a move to Bayern this morning once again. If Spurs don’t manage to give him regular first team football then as a Spurs fan I fear we will lose this prolific young lad.

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