Saturday Match Day

  • @Sav2000 good shout. Huge game for Bayern. Could do with a Kimmich win. Been a while and too many 2nd places recently.

    Lazio vs Juventus will be a great game to follow. Don't anticipate one team dominating though so not sure it's PB potential.

  • Hakimi

    Halatenberg, Werner, Sabitzer, forsberg, kimmich, gnabry, lewandowski, TAA, sterling, Luis Alberto, brandt, hazard, neymar, alejandro gomez, mbappe, kane, pjanic

    My hopefulls today.

  • Some cracking games on today ... can't wait.

    But I'll go against popular opinion and say that all PB positions will be won by players under £1 in value.

    Gold days can be such a lottery.

    That being said, you have to fancy Barca to score a few against Magaluf or whoever they are playing!? 🤷‍♂️

  • @Ole-ole said in Saturday Match Day:

    A Utd win against City today would start the weekend off just nicely!

    Yea I wouldnt be too unhappy with that 😉😂

  • A lot of choice today, Dortmund home, Monaco home(Golovin), Madrid & Barcelona, Leipzig home, Manchester derby, Tottenham home. Wouldn’t like to call today’s winners except the MB which will be from the derby unless some crazy shit happens elsewhere

  • @Ole-ole I would deffo go for Kroos as he constantly posts high Pb scores in the league , the CL and also main man for Germany going into the euros but that’s just my opinion

  • @ScouseSte haha a rare day for Liverpool fans to want a Utd win, but il take it. Liverpool will win it this year in my opinion, its been coming for too long now, where as Citys attitude seems to have changed since Pep has pretty much said they are too far behind, Im thinking Liverpool for prem, with Leicester not far behind, and City will focus on Champs League maybe?

  • Time for a Ronaldo win. He'll be wanting to prove something today. Hopefully he's fully fit.

  • @weerab appreciate the advice, thanks.

  • @MickTurbo couldn’t agree more, hoping it’s the main players again winning PB instead of coming second again? Last sat I had 3 second places across Pb and mb! Disaster!

  • If Davies or Gordon plays against chelsea today they will rocket.

  • @HPcoys same. Think i had 4-5 over the two days come 2nd and some 3rd places too.

  • @HPcoys said in Saturday Match Day:

    @MickTurbo couldn’t agree more, hoping it’s the main players again winning PB instead of coming second again? Last sat I had 3 second places across Pb and mb! Disaster!

    And to go against the consensus, it's for this reason I've done a complete u-turn and DON'T want tiered PB 😱.

    The thrill of winning PB provides that "gamblers high", whereas you'd lose that element if two or three places were paid out. We'd all get a bit complacent.

    It's been a sickener seeing Kroos finish 2nd twice lately, and don't talk to me about Kimmich 😭😭.
    But it's all part of the beauty of this game, and this unique format - today, without having to pay in any more money, WE GO AGAIN! 💪🏻

  • @HPcoys yeh I've had loads in the last 2-3 weeks come 2nd. Drives ya mad. Kimmich seems to do it every week, bruno fernandes recently, kroos at least once. That's just off the top of my head. Nice star man from memphis last night tho so hopefully a wknd to remember for divs 🤞

    Everyone seems to be saying it this morning but u cant help but fancy toni kroos today

  • What a day of football ahead of us. 90% of my port are involved today. Kroos, Messi and Pavard would do nicely! I wouldn't be surprised if TAA is rested, poor game midweek and was hauled off again for Gomez.
    Would also love a Golovin performance today...Monaco though...pfff.
    Looking forward to catching in form man Immobile against the big boys tonight.
    Non PB related I'm on Mitrovic watch. Goal a game so far this season. Bristol City today. I don't think he is going anywhere in January, though a transfer would be a bonus. Next summer though his price will easily have doubled his start of season price and he'll surely be off to a top 5 league.

  • Bit of long shot but feel as though Wylan Cyprien is due a win, Nice at home to Metz today. He scored 150pb midweek ina 4-1 defeat without a goal or assist and think today is his day. I hold, obviously.

  • Did Kovacic steal Jorginho’s place? Second time Jorginho is on the bench...

    If this is the case Kovacic can really fly given that he has very good pb base and started also to score

  • @NewUser455434 Lampard may have one eye on The Champions League midweek with todays Jorghino decision?

  • Interesting to see Christensen start, I thought he was behind Tomori and Zouma. He’s still young and £0.67. I’m going to be keeping an eye on him today. I know there is obviously Rudiger to compete with as well but it will be interesting to see what that settled CB partnership becomes.

  • Jorginho died a quick death. Can’t see how he has been dropped on one average performance. They didn’t exactly fly without him midweek. I’m having a mare at the moment. Dropped half my overall profit in the past few weeks on various players. Bad decision after bad decision. Might just get out completely and start again in the new year.

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