England player hold.

  • @Ole-ole just to add, when I bought all 3 about 6 months ago rashford was the most expensive by about £0.30. Interesting how things change!

  • @scfc That's interesting, In a way it shows that FI is working exactly as it should, as much as I hate to admit it Utd have been poor for a while now, so I guess a lot wont have too much confidence in Rashford,makes sense that Sterling is what he is considering he had a great season last year and City got off to similar start early into this one, Kane seems to be Mr steady, so I can see why investors would hold him long term, like you say Euros, hes captain so one of the only certainties in the team.

  • Hold all three...

    Rashford is maybe the best value. Youngest, should be ascending and most importantly is lead forward for the most media friendly team on the index.

  • @Ole-ole I had a bit of a mare then, meant to reply to @Julian-Noble but thanks for carrying on the convo.

    Yea it makes sense looking back retrospectively and shows FI working well. Just interesting how at the time I was equally as happy to buy rashford despite him being more expensive. Whereas now it’s the same debate yet he’s a lot cheaper.

    Good point about today being a great day to make the comparison, I’ll revisit this thread after the Manchester derby!

  • It's a long way to go until the euros in regards to being on FI. For an England hold based on those 3 forwards I would probably go for sterling. Pricey atm but if January was as good as last year more and more people will join and the main guys like sterling may rise. So by the euros sterlings price could be much higher you just never know. But if you are looking for any England player I would look into the midfield options. Lots to choose from and much cheaper than the forwards.

  • @C-Money Lots to choose from is part of the problem though. I’d really struggle to predict what the midfield will be at the euros, tough one to call.

  • Rashford for me, main reason is he is a pb and media friendly and on top form

  • Kane for me, goals, captain, injury all MB gold

  • Rashford is the best value IMO, proven for dividends and has the most cap app growth potential, baffling how Sterling is the costliest of the three considering he's won the fewest dividends.

  • @scfc that's true but there's a lot of time between now and the euros injuries will play a huge part of who will be there along with form. If you pick someone like barkley (I do not hold) for example and he doesn't go to the euros or have a gut feeling he won't but hes risen and played well you can just sell jump off and move onto someone like mount or maddison etc... To pick someone now for the euros is pretty tough. Outside punt for the euros Chris smalling!!!

  • Thanks for all the advice. I'm sticking with my gut and Rashford. United most likely to build a team around him. Cap app, MB, PB hopefully.

  • @Julian-Noble this is looking like a good decision currently!

  • @scfc

    Just hold for second mate!!
    6months ago Rashford was the most expensive by 30p... 🤔 Are you sure about it hmm??

    Yes, platform has changed a lot's and going in good direction but it's very easy way to check that so pls stop talking not true!!




  • This post is deleted!

  • @Mundek Jeez mate, settle down. It would be a weird lie to have made up when we’re talking about something retrospectively that shouldn’t really impact anyone in this threads decision making. I bought all 3 between 6 - 8 months ago, surprisingly not all at one point in time. Average cost of each... Kane £3.75, Sterling £3.63 and rashford £4.15. I went with 30p as an estimate. Feel free to spend as much time as you like disproving that though but I’d recommend doing something else with your saturday evening

  • @scfc 😂

  • @Julian-Noble Rashford for the reasons you mentioned plus has more room to grow football wise and index wise. But I hold all 3.

  • @scfc
    No worries mate, I enjoyed my Saturday evening 🤓👍
    But again, it take few seconds not whole evening to look on graph and you will see that even 8 months ago Rash wasn't above them too 👍

  • @Mundek lol you’re missing the point. I’m not trying to say what they were at a single point in time. I’m saying that my average buy price for Rashford is a fair bit higher than sterling and Kane. Which is interesting given where we are at now. As we all know, FI doesn’t make it easy to see length of holds so yes I might be slightly out on my timings but not sure how I’d work out an average purchase date. It’s also not that necessary, the point I’m making is simply that I own all 3 having bought all shares a while ago and Rashford was the most expensive for me. I found that interesting to compare my decision making then to now.

    Hope you can accept that final statement so we can move on with our lives. Good to know we have an FI fact check service though.

  • @scfc Indeed, nice 5% rise in share price to start with.

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