if Messi was like 27 and European

  • he might be so far ahead of the rest on here, im going to say would be pushing £10

  • Try £12. Minimum

  • Age is the sole reason why he isn't the king. But hes still the goat.

  • Will still be around in 3 years. Could return 100% ROI in that time. Certainly on 10% already for me and that's from just 3 months of ownership.

  • Boom, hat-trick. Star player in the bag.

  • I really don’t understand why people don’t own him 😱😱 yes he’s getting older but he’s still easily the best player in the world and his game is absolutely perfect for the matrix

  • @weerab Unfortunately he’ll be like a hot potato from March to August and the spread is humongous! It’s basically a game of who blinks first.

  • @Timothee-Atouba champions league final isn’t until May and between now and then it’s anybody’s guess how many dividends he will win but I would say with confidence he will be the top div earner this season , deffo a dip coming in the summer but for me now that I’m more experienced at FI I will be stocking up as much as I can for next season as he’s got a few more years of brilliance to come

  • Age v div return plus injury factor and not recovery plus retirement.

    Complicated equation.

    26 years old he's £20

  • obviously the reason he isn’t more expensive is to do with his age. But how is it actually impacting? Do you think people just can’t quite see what happens to his price as he approaches retirement. I know that’s what’s in the back of my head whenever I’m thinking about topping up. He’s the absolute king, but I guess you have to accept that in 3 or 4 years he will have zero value and his price won’t just drop on the day he retires.

    I genuinely don’t know, I feel as though there could be a 37 year old Messi that costs £1.50 yet still posts the occasional PB score of 350.

  • @Tom77Do you realise the colossal investment needed to get a player to that value? I agree he could get to £10 but after that at 900 shares to move a penny, it just wouldn’t happen.

  • @TeamGB would only be 600 shares to move a penny at his price I believe, I say only, that's still a shit load of money

  • @Ddr Wasn’t sure about that metric. Anyway yeah so if he was £20, it would take around £12,000 to move a penny or £1.2 million for a quid!

  • @TeamGB so 100,000 people buying 2 shares each would move him more than £1 at the cost of £20 a share? Am i getting that right? That doesnt sound to bad to me considering the speed in which the index is growing plus the current number of traders already here

  • another way to flip the argument, i wonder what the index would look like if it was only a 1 year future bet lol

  • Messi is a complete phenomenon, but we've seen what happened to Ibrahimovic a few years ago, and what is happening to CR7 right now... everything going very very well, until suddenly it isn't.

    I'd love to justify the risk and enjoy the steady stream of dividends, but have a personal rule that I'll only buy a premium player if I'm confident they'll be worth more in one year time, and I really don't have that confidence with Messi.

  • @playingcards1 im confident he will be worth more in 12 months time but I understand what you are saying but the problem with Ronaldo’s current form isnt down to his age its down to Sarri and his style of tactics. I knew it would be bad for ronaldo as soon as Sarri took over and ive said it a few times on here. You can see that Ronaldo is frustrated with how he is being utilised and the tactics plus the frustration cause a vicious circle.

    The same thing wont happen to Messi any time soon especially not next season infact imo hes still improving all the time

  • Messi's dividend yield is already 12.5% for the season. With the rewards on offer now for a gold day star man win, he could easily return a yield of 50% this season, which would be incredible.

    Surely the more divs Messi wins, the more he is protected from a big drop later in the season.

  • Messi is a div monster, when I brought him I knew he would be good but I didn't expect him to be this good!

    Every time he plays I feel he could win star man, and he also wins more media days than I ever expected him too. All this talk about needing to sell because of his age is strange, he doesn't even remotely look like retiring at present.

    Will 100% play in the next world cup which is 3 years away, so buying now you get a full 3 years worth of divs.

  • I fully intend on holding 3 years, he returns to many divs not to have in your portfolio

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