Champions League vs Europa League

  • Next week we are going to learn which teams will qualify for the next stages of Champions League and which ones will continue in the Europa League. What is the likely impact on the price of players going to be once this is decided? Arguably CL is a far more prestigous competition with more media attention, but playing in EL it would be potentially easier to score higher PB against weaker opposition. What do people think?

  • Imagine players in champs lge could be interesting as only got through L16 round to get gold days. Imagines spurs players diffence if drawn v RB Leipzig or Barca. Think Europa 2 more rounds before gold days so unless draw both rounds be less interest init

  • Personally I would rather premier league sides in Champs for the mb, but prefer my foreign holds to drop to Europa for easier pb chances

  • Depay built his PB status in the Europa league.
    Europa league league number 9’s on gold days are ridiculous underpriced.

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