Price charts on the new website

  • Do they work? Or at least do they work the same as they did / as intended?

    Take Andrea Belotti as an example. He went to £1.62 on 8th November. I know this for a fact. However, according to the new website his top price that day was £1.45.

  • I've argued the same, it's possible that what we're seeing is the end of day price. I've put this to @FI_Mark that the old graphs were more informative, that you could see how much profit taking there was on certain days

  • Well spotted!

  • 0_1575843867950_Screenshot_20191208-222321.png

    Good spot indeed! Didn't pick up on that and if missing you lose alot of insight on the full price movements.

  • Yes mobile app seems to still work properly. This is a major issue with the new website imho - will they fix it?

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