Josh da silva

  • Been increasing steadily.

    Jack Harrison also has a sly rise.

    Some championship players getting nudged up.

    Fa cup can also help these prices if they do well.

  • Dasilva will be in serious demand next summer.

  • It's pointing out the obvious but Jarrod Bowen keeps scoring goals, very highly rated, linked with premier league clubs, out of contract in the summer. Need any more reasons to buy?

  • @PogbaforMB at £1.65 I wouldn't go near him with your money, look at che adams if you want a reason to be wary, hugely overpriced imo

  • @MUFC I remember very well the Che Adams hype in the summer. The jump from Championship to EPL, particularly for a forward, is huge and there are far more examples of forwards not making that jump than there are those who do.
    At best Bowen is going to join a mid-table EPL side and I don't see any other mid-table EPL sides that have forwards priced anywhere near Bowen's price. He's hyped up big time and there's probably a bit more to go in his price through hype but I would be almost certain that after 2 or 3 EPL games his price will be declining sharply from where it is.

  • Or Bowen could be the next Maddison / Grealish / Alli? They came from the Championship (or lower)......

  • @chaps1988 Indeed. And if he was then I'd be happy to pay over £2 once signs of that are shown in the PL. At £1.65 though I don't see the value of the gamble when the odds are more likely that he isn't - for every Maddison, Grealish or Alli there are many more that don't make the step up.

  • Don't think I'd ever buy anyone from the championship who is £1+. Championship players really should be cheap as chips as it's pretty rare that a player actually turns into a gem from there

  • Youve really got to see the player for yourself and make up your own mind. Last season i mentioned that a i thought Tammy Abraham looked a great player and most people disagreed and said he’d never make it in the EPL.

    Youve got to trust your own judgement. I eventually caved to the pressure that i was backing the wrong horse but i did make a decent profit but it could have been a lot more if i had just trusted my own judgement and stuck with it.

  • @Black-wolf or it could have been alot worse alot of people would have purchased Che Adams to find out he is most likely a dud in the premier.

  • @MUFC yep it can go either way thats why im saying trust your own judgement. Che Adams got spoke of a lot last season so instead of following the crowd i checked him out myself. And he never struck me as anything special so i never bought in. I think too many people trust other peoples opinions instead of making up their own minds. Watch a few games and decide that way instead of pumps and highlight/skills videos

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