Footie down ?

  • Is the rise in the index starting to slow down as the footie is down today ? Or is it the harry Kane money that got taken out of him yesterday

  • Ok to analyse this situation fully you need to understand the dynamic of the index. There’s been £45,000 taken out of kane yesterday and the biggest but sonny seen about £6,000 put in... about £12,000 also took out of Fakir!!!! So a Fakiring bad day for the index.. hence the footie is down on top of this cup and international breaks not helping matters and A playthrough bonas at meeting should give a lift at weekend

  • I think looking at the footie daily only tells a fraction of the story. Kane had a lot of money taken out him yesterday which makes the fall unsurprising. If you looked at a graph based on the last month the picture would be much healthier

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