Thick question?

  • So.. I pretty much always use FI on my mobile. Either app or safari. I’ve never worked out how to cancel a sell order on the app but in the rare case I want to I could do this via the browser version.
    However since the update, when I click on a player I have for sale I don’t have the option to cancel sell order any more...
    Clearly I must be missing something so can someone point out the obvious ;) thanks!

  • @Lewy swipe/ drag left on the player on the portfolio screen and the option is there.

    By the way, its not obvious at all. They should make it clearer to be honest.

  • Are you sure you're not mistaking the top 200 list for your port ;)?

  • @Metropolis

    Thanks for response.. def wasnt in top 200. Anyway clearly thick question as swipe left works in the app, learn something new every day!

    At the risk of being a total muppet.. in the browser version why can’t I sort or filter which players in
    Your port are for sale? You have to click on the player.. and the line of shares you have for same to see that they are for Sale?

    Appreciate the technologies are different but why design the behaviour in the browser so differently from the app?!

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