Liverpool's March To Champions League Triumph

  • @janner73 hmm I disagree, hes ready for a move surely which is why they got him to signn a contract with probably a 3mill sign on fee.
    But youre right, ther will be much better opportunities but its not easy. Maybe Saul, maybe Milinkovic Savic again. Just buy players who are class and sell after a mass rise

  • @9stevo

    Well that's that then I guess. Dammit. Thanks Stevo!


  • @janner73 said in Liverpool's March To Champions League Triumph:

    @ScouseSte And where does Brewster fit in all of this? Considering people were expecting him to be in and around the first team this season it doesn't look great for him signing another forward.

    Sssh. Don't tell @Ericali but Brewster is rumoured to be going on loan to Swansea in January.

    Check it out

  • @ScouseSte Ah I see so that does make a bit more sense he's still almost at Firmino's price though so very risky. I also can't see where Salah goes to be honest, who can afford him.
    1 or 2 in England - Liverpool won't sell there
    Barca - Just signed Griezman and wanting to bring back Neymar (can't see that)
    Real - He's said he doesn't want to play with Ramos (that could change if they throw mega money at him I guess) plus aren't they going to throw mega money at Mbappe??
    PSG - yeah they've got the money but surely too much of a step down??
    Juve - Seems unlikely, maybe if man utd get desperate and pay them all the money in the world for Ronaldo but again can't see it.
    China would be the only other place I could see affording him and I can't imagine that for a second so I think he stays put...

  • @ScouseSte sorry mate just my opinion, I think he's at bad buy on FI at his current price, great player though and I'll be excited if he comes in but won't expect to see anything significant from him until next season

  • @kaka8 I've never been convinced with the Bruno stories. I said in the summer he wasn't gonna move and it was mainly talk coming from Portugal.
    The way I see it Sporting need the money and are desperate to cash in - they're the ones constantly leaking (false) stories in my opinion. Sooner or later he'll move but I don't think it's anywhere near as close as people like to think. I'll say summer 2021 for Bruno but that's just my view.

  • @9stevo

    I think, IF we win the premier league, Salah will almost certainly want to move on. Thère isn't that loyalty with the foreign players and that's perfectly fine. He's done wonders for us and I don't begrudge him. Mane is starting to take the spotlight off him now though (and has signed a new contract recently if I remember rightly) and I imagine Salah will want to be the star man wherever he goes.

    Like i said, I could end up being entirely wrong about everything but it's out there now 😃

  • Watch those fingers 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Minamino has already had a hell of a rise - buying at the top of a HUGE hike is a recipe for disaster.

    Tread with caution.

  • @ScouseSte I'm not disputing any of that I just can't see where he has to go, once you start looking at potential clubs you soon realise there aren't very many (if any) who could buy him...

  • I told you guys to get on Minamino at 35p and Hwang 21p. You just didn’t listen!

  • Both Klopp and Stevie G sign contract extensions to 2024 at their respective clubs.
    If they both stay till end of contract I’d be amazed but it’s hardly a coincidence in the space of 24hrs they extend the deals 🤔

  • @Gregolocky Gerrard staying to do his apprenticeship with us and deliver 55, get more European experience before taking over from Klopp

  • @ScouseSte said in Liverpool's March To Champions League Triumph:

    @Ben_pz said in Liverpool's March To Champions League Triumph:

    @ScouseSte But they bought Salah based on his ability. I'm pretty sure this one is much more based on £££ and that would be my biggest concern.

    Well as i said mate, it's a gamble.
    Time will tell.

    If it was £5 per share then I'd not be so enthusiastic! But £1.70 is ok for me

    @ScouseSte are you still holding? And are you still as confident about him? Not gonna lie it looks like Liverpool got ripped off paying 8 million and that's saying something!

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