• do we think he is a good hold? His price is already quite high, and his form has dipped a lot. Not sure he'll get in the German starting XI and say he does move to a Man City or Madrid, his price isn't very appealing due to rotation and who he'll be up against for PB. Also not a big name so MB unlikely. And finally can't see new users in Jan jumping on board as won't be that well known or loved yet.

    thanks for advice in advance.

  • @chaps1988 he is a long term hold. Due to dip in form short term he's not very good. But if he starts playing well his price will rise again. He's only 19/20 and I think he will get into the German squad for the euros just not the starting line up. He is a great talent better last season but maybe his heart is set on leaving leverkusen. BTW I do not hold. I use to hold but cashed in as I'm too impatient.

  • He’s a quality player a little out of form, bear in mind he’s only 20. If he gets links with prem then he’ll rise nicely

  • Seen a lot of experienced users on here say buy on the dips and sell on the highs...so I'll have 100 Havertz please drive

  • Young players blow hot and cold unless they are a pure freak phenom- and those players are premium priced for that reason

    I think having a very young consistent performer is rare- in a ratio sense, they are still learning on the job, many of them haven't even fully formed physique wise - remember the united lads knocked lumps out of C Ronaldo in training and then he came back after summer looking like terry crews, unique as an example but the points still valid. It's trying to appreciate what hes going to do for you over 3 years

    Possible move (big fish, wee pond)
    Possible divs
    Possible euros

    Not a few bad things going for him :)

  • yeh i understand he's talented and all that, but im asking about his price and whether there is much room for growth based on others on the platform, and where he's like to go (Bayern, Madrid, City). All 3 clubs = rotation and PB competition. Look at Bernardo Silva's price for example. I think his move is already built into his price?!

  • He could go Man City but could also end up as the main man in a top 4 side.

    He looks to have bottomed out and whatever excited the market before will excite it again. He won’t be in Leverkusen in the summer.

  • A inform Kai at a top club is a £5 player, I agree he’s not playing well at moment but had a injury and Leverkusen are not having a great season themselves, he’s one of the top young players in Europe, hold firm wait it out.

  • I see him at Liverpool in the summer

  • I do hold and have held for a while. I've sold some shares and also topped up along the way.

    Granted he has had a little dip from his Aug peak but if you look over 12 months he is still way ahead. He is a long term hold without doubt however he is only 20 and had an amazing season last season helping Leverkusen into top 4 and was top goal scorer.

    He will come good again and as they all say, buy on the dips. I've already topped up and he'll be going to the Euro's with Germany in the summer and will (IMO) be moving from Leverkusen as well.

  • Taking a bit of my profit out of my top holds and looking to move some money, Havertz is a player I'm strongly considering, but then on the face of it Brandt seems to be performing better this season, is also very young and is considerably cheaper.

  • Is there any other young superstar having a worse season than Kai at the minute! He was absolutely awful tonight and gone missing for weeks! He could talk himself out of Euros in this form!

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