Kovacic good hold?

  • What is the consensus on Kovacic. Seems to be a starter and his performances have been good recently. I hold a good chunk of him but mainly on the basis that i saw he had a good pb average and is significantly cheaper than Jorginho. He also has the Euros coming up where he should be a starter for Croatia. Has nice fixtures over the xmas period too.

    Am i crazy to think he is undervalued?

  • Solid hold I think. Chelsea's best midfielder for me. Should only get better. If he keeps scoring the odd goal he'll have a good rise.

  • Kovacic is starting to look like value considering he starts every game and almost always plays the full 90". The only thing holding me back probably is because he is less of a goal threat than Jorginho. Jorginho also takes penalties hence the premium on his price.

  • I think he's a great long term hold given his 'base' PB appears to be consistently high and he should be starting the peak years of his career. this article is a great read for those interested if he can add goals to his game consistently and why he might be now finding his best form.


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