£1k to deposit on 1 player who you choosing and why?

  • @Kemo20 Thomas lemar

  • Andy Carroll. Gonna be the star man for us in Euro 2020

  • Rashford.... Before its too late. I hold and will top up more on Friday if he stays a sensible price

  • @Kemo20

    There are too many players at the market whose 'screaming' mate. What's your preference, strategy etc?? 🤔

  • @AndydfopT what’s your definition of a sensible price if you care to share?

  • @MUFC said in £1k to deposit on 1 player who you choosing and why?:

    @Kemo20 Thomas lemar

    I agree with this. It appears that simeone could be on his way. His style is not PB friendly and has hamstrung atletico players on the index for ages, even more so since the dividend increase.

    Seen a bit of money going into atletico players today. Saul niguez for one and also a few pennies into lemar. This is likely to be in anticipation of simeone being shown the door. If he is, and I think its likely, were going to see a lot of money going into atletico players in a similar way to what weve seen recently with spurs.

    Some will bounce higher than others but I reckon lemar at 93p will stand out an absolute mile from the others. Hes previously been well north of a quid and even that was under simeone and under the old dividend structure.

    Weve had a 57% increase to dividends since then and with a new manager, virtually anybody would be better than simeone, lemar will quickly become one of the hottest properties on the index

  • @Mundek my preference is medium to long term hold euros in mind and PB contender! Rashford is the player I think screams at me the most but a 70 odd pence rise in a week is the only negative I can see! Would have preferred to invest in a Def or MF as port top heavy on Fwds but can’t find anyone ticking more boxes than most! Not a pump as I don’t own yet but didn’t expect that sort of rise that quickly

  • @MickTurbo did consider atletico prospects but will they really ditch Simeone? Isn’t he the highest paid manager in world that’ll be some compensation package

  • @Kemo20 I'd stay away from Rashford for the reasons you mentioned.

    Leave it a week or so, & if he drops - then consider getting involved.

    Other than that I'd recommend a January transfer target or look for a new manager bounce at Everton or a player who could benefit from a managerial sacking.

  • I'm liking Dwight McNeill right now.

    Got plenty going for him that could translate into solid rises on FI.

  • @Kemo20 I'm only basing this on what I have read on here and comparing to other players who I feel are on the same level. I personally believe Rashford will only go higher as he is young, man u forward, england starter on current form, media magnet and now his pb is on point. What's not to like? Easily a 6 pound player if form continues. United should go far in europa as well so that helps. This is the perfect f I player and like someone said on another thread earlier, he is could explode soon!
    I understand the concern of the recent rise, I jumped on kroos at 5 pound a couple of weeks back and he has dropped a bit since but I'm not worried there. Remember rash is only 22! I would get on while you can but it's entirely up to you mate.

  • @Kemo20 I dont know mate but that's the rumour at present. Arsenal want him apparently and compensation packages just dont even seem to figure in clubs thinking these days. As for him being the highest paid manager I couldn't comment other than to say that that's the first I've heard of it

  • Teji Savanier still

  • @MickTurbo could see the Arsenal link to be fair and yeah I couldn’t believe when I saw his salary is mad!

  • Duh...Fedor Chalov! The thinking mans Yannick Carrasco!

  • @Ellisandro deffo a case of sell on the rumours with that one not sure he will ever complete a transfer 😂

  • @Allams-Out With you on that one mate.

  • Marco Asensio - Currently 1.57 out injured until next summer so his price is only going one way
    consider the fact that Jovic is older and £1.81 and is struggling to get a game for RM.
    im guessing Asensio will hit £2 well before he returns

  • @MickTurbo picked up 750 last week in anticipation of a move or simeone going, hoping psg come knocking to replace 2 of the front 3, cavani is getting on and neymar or mbappe will be on there way, would rip it up over there and clean up the divs should neymar leave there

  • @Kemo20 said in £1k to deposit on 1 player who you choosing and why?:

    Looking to put another £1000 into my portfolio right now 1 player is screaming at me but would love to hear the community’s thoughts on what they would do and why? Any opinions appreciated!

    Luca Pellegrini. Italian left back. Plays for Cagliari , on loan from Juventus. Promising, skilful defender, ball winner. Only 20. You've said you prefer a def or mf to balance your port. Only 71p. 1000 shares would cost only £710, leaving you nearly £300 to top up other players in your port.

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