£1k to deposit on 1 player who you choosing and why?

  • @MickTurbo did consider atletico prospects but will they really ditch Simeone? Isn’t he the highest paid manager in world that’ll be some compensation package

  • @Kemo20 I'd stay away from Rashford for the reasons you mentioned.

    Leave it a week or so, & if he drops - then consider getting involved.

    Other than that I'd recommend a January transfer target or look for a new manager bounce at Everton or a player who could benefit from a managerial sacking.

  • I'm liking Dwight McNeill right now.

    Got plenty going for him that could translate into solid rises on FI.

  • @Kemo20 I'm only basing this on what I have read on here and comparing to other players who I feel are on the same level. I personally believe Rashford will only go higher as he is young, man u forward, england starter on current form, media magnet and now his pb is on point. What's not to like? Easily a 6 pound player if form continues. United should go far in europa as well so that helps. This is the perfect f I player and like someone said on another thread earlier, he is could explode soon!
    I understand the concern of the recent rise, I jumped on kroos at 5 pound a couple of weeks back and he has dropped a bit since but I'm not worried there. Remember rash is only 22! I would get on while you can but it's entirely up to you mate.

  • @Kemo20 I dont know mate but that's the rumour at present. Arsenal want him apparently and compensation packages just dont even seem to figure in clubs thinking these days. As for him being the highest paid manager I couldn't comment other than to say that that's the first I've heard of it

  • Teji Savanier still

  • @MickTurbo could see the Arsenal link to be fair and yeah I couldn’t believe when I saw his salary is mad!

  • Duh...Fedor Chalov! The thinking mans Yannick Carrasco!

  • @Ellisandro deffo a case of sell on the rumours with that one not sure he will ever complete a transfer 😂

  • @Allams-Out With you on that one mate.

  • Marco Asensio - Currently 1.57 out injured until next summer so his price is only going one way
    consider the fact that Jovic is older and £1.81 and is struggling to get a game for RM.
    im guessing Asensio will hit £2 well before he returns

  • @MickTurbo picked up 750 last week in anticipation of a move or simeone going, hoping psg come knocking to replace 2 of the front 3, cavani is getting on and neymar or mbappe will be on there way, would rip it up over there and clean up the divs should neymar leave there

  • @Kemo20 said in £1k to deposit on 1 player who you choosing and why?:

    Looking to put another £1000 into my portfolio right now 1 player is screaming at me but would love to hear the community’s thoughts on what they would do and why? Any opinions appreciated!

    Luca Pellegrini. Italian left back. Plays for Cagliari , on loan from Juventus. Promising, skilful defender, ball winner. Only 20. You've said you prefer a def or mf to balance your port. Only 71p. 1000 shares would cost only £710, leaving you nearly £300 to top up other players in your port.

  • @Kemo20
    I asked for preference and strategy cos like u see lots of different players suggested already and mostly not for you...

    Def -
    TAA, its hard to add anything else mate, one of the best hold on FI on his position, young, English, Euro, PB contender week in week, - 50p from peak 👍
    Zinchenko, first choice LB for Pep, still didn't rise like others full bcks, very good PB, CL, Euro
    Emerson, LB for Italy, Euro, CL, good PB, - 25p from peak
    I'm not going with Kimmich, Pavard, Digne or Pereira cos of group F... Probably you can find few cheaper options but it will be hard to tick all boxes, as well CL/EL or transfers in summer (for long term) but with deeper reaserch you should find some gems 👍

    Mid -
    Sensi, looks like Inter will play EL so I can imagine they will go to the final, will be bck after Xmas, January so will rise easily, Euro, PB contender (as well Brozovic and Barella even if they playing in the same team you should get 20-30% ROI before Euro, a specially from Brozovic ), - 30p from peak
    Sabitzer, CL, Euro, good PB player just lost form atm, - 50p from peak,
    Kovacic, there is a post or few about him, IMO still value in him, Croatia 2nd on World Cup and definitely will be strong enough in this competition for sure (anyway Rebic and Vlasic very cheap atm, Vlasic very very friendly PB player, if he will get transfer to PB league will double for sure)...
    Pjanic, very good PB player, - 50p from peak, Juve should get deep in CL, Euro play off...
    And maybe Eriksen, Pellegrini or Fernandes (with transfer to PB league) 🤔

    Rash is strange one...im not sure who will be play Euro on the left 🤔 Cos only on that position he's a 'good player for PB'... when he was playing 9, his PB score was different (🤔) Yes, he proved that he can play like a stiker and can be dangerous (start of the season) but on the left he's more like a dribbler, more possession, shouts etc...and don't forgot he took penalties in last games!
    Always after good performance on the forum you will see posts about him and how much will he go up etc... There is a thread about him, pls read... and one lad said that in year time he had 63% cap app and 13% divs from him 🤔But the point is, he jumped in price (late Nov? ) not because of his performance only because ppl lumped £1000s after notification that Jose was sacked!! Rash was £4.50 ish around Feb... 🤔And from that time his price jumping from £3.5-4ish to £5 after good performance (check graph) !! So do you think he will deliver something special in 2020 or we will see still the same United and Rash cos his game depends a lot from how United will perform!

  • @Londoner defo another good shout

    @MUFC I'd much prefer a psg move over simeone leaving, regardless of who came in. In a PB driven market psg are the holy grail for me as they are the most dominant team. Whoever they buy i will be buying, if lemar goes I'll be buzzing

  • Id probably go for Foden if i was looking for a big investment in one player just now. Hes the only other English youngster that looks like he could be Sanchos level or higher he just lacks game time. But maybe hes on the path to take up david silca’s role at city. We can speculate over which english youngsters will or wont be great but Sancho and Foden definitely will imo

  • @Mundek hell of a post that appreciate the detail you’ve gone into there! Zinchenko under consideration already is he first choice vs Mendy if fit my only question? Sensi/Brozovic I think too much competition in club and national sides for my liking I suppose with Rash i think Ole and the world has accepted he isn’t a No 9 and he becomes a potential PB threat when playing from
    Left I guess I see sterling in particular at £7ish and think that gaps too big and just think if United turn their form around he’s gonna be central to it at the most media friendly club on the index! The free kicks and pens are a nice little bonus too!

  • Appreciate everyone else taking the time to offer opinions! 👏

  • @Kemo20

    Mendy is fit... In last 6 games Angelino played 4 games and Mendy 2(NCL, Chelsea and after poor performance in both last 2 on the bench included City v Utd) and 4 times was sitting on the bench. Zinchenko will be first choice but it's just my opinion 👍

    Sensi / Brozovic...yes there is competition but even that Sensi is still PB contender for sure, specially now with EL👍

    Rash, hmm looks like you made decision mate, good luck with him 👍

  • @Mundek Sorry but I don't see Inter having any interest whatsoever in the Europa. They didn't last year and there weren't in a title race then.
    Conte will have one priority in the second half of the season - beat Juve to the title. No way will he be playing most of his starters in the Europa.

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