Sardar Azmoun

  • Evening all. Just watching the BT Goal Show and they were raving about this forward at Zenet. It was suggested that it is a matter of time till he is snapped up by a big European club. I must admit I’d not heard of him but have bought a few shares to track him. Currently 63p

    Anyone know the scoop? Goalscoring record on Wiki looks decent but not enough evidence for me to go big on yet!

  • The Iranian Messi I believe he’s known as

  • @Gregolocky haha, I did hear people saying that on the street earlier to be fair. I think Zenet getting knocked out might actually work in his favour on FI as it could accelerate his exit

  • He's an 'eligible' type of forward too - creative.

    But he won't be eligible for PeeBee for ages now so his price should drop.

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