Ancelotti Sacked! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • May be a bit late here but their is no thread dedicated to it....

    Another top manager now available.

    Everton? West Ham?

    New man set to come in, new playing style, new players given chances, some players moved on.

    What happens from here?

    Got to say I'm quite pleased holding Gaetano. The new man may give him a chance & he may not have to go on loan!

    All speculation mind - but positive news for holders. ๐Ÿ‘

  • @Ericali I wouldn't hold out too much hope if it's Gattuso, as widely expected. Milan were dire under him last season.

  • @Ericali said in Ancelotti Sacked! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ:

    Got to say I'm quite pleased holding Gaetano. The new man may give him a chance & he may not have to go on loan!

    All speculation mind - but positive news for holders. ๐Ÿ‘

    He's going on loan.

  • Ruiz a good pick now if Napoli pick up form? Gattuso not ideal, need an attacking minded manager i think. Not sure on Gattuso's style?!

  • 4-3-3 for Gattuso, more game time for midfielders (Ancelotti was playing mostly 2 midfielders with Lozano/Insigne/Callejon as wingers).

    Donโ€™t ask me why but I just topped up Elmas. With 3 midfielders heโ€™ll get more game time. 20y/o highly regarded midfielder + plus bonus games for North Macedonia to qualify to Euro 2020. They are in the easiest group so they may actually qualify. Elmas is their n.10

  • I only hold di lorenzo who is dirt cheap for a quality full back. Hopefully gets some more crosses in!

  • Allan-Ruiz-Zielinski I guess would be his first choice midfield 3 with Elmas rotating in.
    Insigne-Milik/Mertens-Lozano hopefully as the front 3.

  • As long as results improve the value of their players should increase.

    They can hardly play much less football than they have been doing under Ancelotti, with the players they've got.

    Anyone who plays an actual functioning system should help Ruiz and the other midfielders. It may be a good time to buy Ruiz, he's only dropped because he's been playing in a poorly performing team. Next season he'll see a big rise anyway as he'll be playing for a top team - hopefully Barca, his preferred destination.

    Zielinski and Elmas may be good buys now as well, I think their prices are near bottomed out.

    Insigne should also benefit if played regularly in his favoured area of the pitch.

  • @chaps1988 Gattuso style is fighting. Koulibaly and Allan will fit well if Gattuso takes control. What makes me surprised is that Napoli bet their future on Gattuso.

  • Zielinski all day long + has the Euros with Poland too. Him & Milik are hot now for Napoli. Gattuso will play milik more as used piatek as a target man for Milan. We shall see what happens

  • Think Wenger recommended Ancelotti when he left... I'd be happy to see him come in!

  • Liverpool like Zielinski as well. He'd be a good fit and would add a lot to their midfield.

  • Not sure if I should post this on this thread or the Zlatan thread but this sacking could potentially affect the destination for the Swedish maverick. Read an article the other day that stated Ancelotti had spoken to Zlatan regarding a move to Napoli but it also mentioned that Zlatan and Gatusso are good friends from the days they played together at AC and that Zlatan would happily play under him.
    Potentially a move to Napoli could actually work out better for Zlatans price in the short term as they have Champs league football this season as opposed to AC. Anyone else think this could improve his short term value?

  • Predicted line up for his first games according to Italian newspapers -
    4-3-3 with
    Midfielders: Ruiz Elmas Allan
    Forwards: Milik Lozano Zielinski

  • Same here, got a good holding in Gaetano hoping it creates an opportunity

  • Up The Elmas.

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