MickTurbo on HWAH podcast this week 🎙

  • Hello troops,

    @MickTurbo will be joining me on the podcast this week. We will be recording on Friday morning!

    Big thanks to Mick for pulling me out of a hole after a last minute cancellation, but it’s great to have the opportunity to have another forum lad on!

    Post some topics and questions below please ❤️

    For those of you who haven’t listened before, here’s a link to last weeks episode 👇🏼




  • Evening both, @IRISHFI , @MickTurbo , enjoying the podcast only started listening since your posts in the forum.

    With the current sentiment of the community, all suggesting that the january will see lots of new users. What trend do you see appearing, lets say after the transfer window, given that short term trading is more exciting to new users? Euros? IPD ? Kante?

  • Do either of youse think that there is still an announcement for a TOTW / TOTM I personally think it would be a massive boost to current FI users going into the new year , my thinking is they hinted at it during there last dividend review and in recent weeks keep re-tweeting “who scored” TOTW and highlighting the top players from it ???

  • Well done for stepping in mick.

    1. has using the official football index forum improved your football index experience (enjoyment, advice etc)

    2. have you calmed down a bit since mb opened up? Lol.

    3. do you think it's time FI set some stakes in the ground when it comes to roadmap I. E. When will there be matrix reviews, position changes, dividend changes etc.

  • Good man @MickTurbo !
    Any of these would be great @IRISHFI

    1. Please explain again the user image choice.
    2. Biggest mistake (on FI) Biggest win?
    3. Best forum thread?

  • Nice @MickTurbo glad you’ve agreed.

    1. Expand on your quick flip strategy and how that supports your longer term strategy
    2. what advice would you give to the new influx we’re expecting in January and would you advocate them being active on the forum from the off.

    1. I have an image of a turbo shandy drinking Geordie who talks at a hundred miles an hour. Does that describe you?

    2. Have you ever rage-sold a player and regretted it?

  • @IRISHFI thoughts on which team/player is going to benefit most from the Euros?

    1. can I come to your next hot-tub party?

    2. can I come to your next hot-tub party?

    No further questions!

  • @Ringers said in MickTurbo on HWAH podcast this week 🎙:

    1. can I come to your next hot-tub party?

    2. can I come to your next hot-tub party?

    No further questions!


  • @IRISHFI @MickTurbo

    What's your approach to match days? Do you trade actively, observe from afar or check the damage when it's all over?

    What do you think is the 'safest' way to make money on FI?

    1 year plan? 5 year plan? 10 year plan?

  • @IRISHFI @MickTurbo

    Theres always a lot of talk of which strategy works best but do you feel that it is best to pick a strategy and stick to it or is it better to constantly adapt and change your strategy as the index changes around you?

  • @IRISHFI @MickTurbo

    I'd be interested to hear your perspective on the forum when you first joined. I remember when you showed up 9 months ago and started getting involved. Since that time, you have become a part of the furniture around here. What are the best and worst parts of the forum.

  • Haha I'd like to respond to a couple of these straight away but I wont. Busy morning getting prepped in the morning, I was expecting this to be a phone call until @IRISHFI told me otherwise 😂😂😂😂

    For a just turned 34 year old my lack of awareness of this kind of thing is absolutely woeful

  • Describe FI and your personal reaction to Pogba. The lifecycle of the rationale and the timeline. I think this is an illuminating event that describes FI as a whole and the forum as a microcosm of that.

    You may now turn over your page and begin. NO CALCULATORS. (@Ericali is allowed his guide dog)

  • @Ellisandro

    The life cycle of a time line? Is that an oxymoron?

  • I think it’s lager...you know what I mean! Plus you’re saying it’s tautology not an oxymoron? I can never remember which was which...

  • After the rise of Vincent Le Gof the other day on the back of a small write up in the Sub 20p players post in the forum. How does it feel being one of the forum's great influencers?

  • @MickTurbo

    You've experimented with the 'big story' trend for a little while (jumping on a big story asap, then getting out).

    What have you learned? Are there any hard and fast rules to live by with it? What's your biggest success and failure on the trend? Now you've played about with it, do you think it's the best/safest ways to make money on the index... if not, what is?

  • @IRISHFI @MickTurbo
    Sorry for the late question!
    I often hear people say they bought a player as a long term hold and a few days/weeks later doubting themselves or panicking due to what, in the grand scheme of things, is a relatively small drop and no real change in the player's circumstances. What advice would you give to people who are long-term traders but are often tempted to react in a short-term way?

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