Prices after transfer rumours

  • Timo Werner was at £3.37, then won performance buzz on Thursday in Europa league so rose to £3.42, followed by him coming out saying he’ll be at Leipzig after the summer so his price has gone down to £3.28 so I’m at a decent loss as he’s my biggest holding.

    Just wondering from people’s experiences how each of these things affects a player’s pricing (I ask as a newbie because I thought the performance buzz would have had bigger impact as it was European last 16 match) and am wondering what to do with him - not sure whether it’s worth just selling and trying to make the loss back by reinvesting as it’s a index based on potential and I guess his potential has been shot to bits by this...but then again how often do young players say they won’t leave but then a massive offer comes in and they move anyway?

    Looking for advice. Thanks

  • @Golfing-Grandad I wouldn't panic sell based on the fact that he's one of Germany's main strikers, so regardless of a transfer he should perform and grow at the WC. I also hold Werner and the PB the other day was helpful. As for his price drop I would just be patient.

  • @Golfing-Grandad definitely keep mate. Patience patience patience!

  • @Golfing-Grandad this isn't a dig at you mate but people see red numbers on here and shit themselves. Quality will always come through but I know you can only learn this through experience and over time on the index.

    My biggest example is I bought rashford months ago before performance buzz. 100 for £4.24 each. He bombed right down to below 3quid last couple of months and I was so so tempted to get rid and invest elsewhere but i hate to make a loss. I stuck with him and now he's so close to being back to where he was with the world cup on the horizon and likely to keep rising.

    In some cases, for example an expensive player moving to China I would get rid quickly because it is likely to take a long time to recover, if ever but In most cases with players of werners quality they will always recover.

    It is also worth keeping in mind as you say that if you believe by selling the player you can reinvest and make the money quicker, then go for it but from my experience (approx 12 months on the index) holding is usually a better tactic.

    For what it's worth I think Werner will 100% move in the summer and he'll probably be about £5 then.

  • They RBL take 2-1 lead to St Petersburg allot of the big traders money is invested in him for the World Cup there could be a fall out effect if zenit beat them but best to hope for the win and if they lose try not to panic sell and lose the shares last 3 years remember. But remember the idea of this is future performances of a player so if RBL go out don’t expect the shares not to take a hit too. He needs to score in Russia for sure

  • @Chicken-Badge i agree he'll take a hit if they go out of the EL but he appears to be the main striker for Germany for years to come and that is huge.

  • @Stevo said in Prices after transfer rumours:

    @Chicken-Badge i agree he'll take a hit if they go out of the EL but he appears to be the main striker for Germany for years to come and that is huge.

    Europeon exits a killer knocked the feathers off this chicken on Wednesday :-(

  • @Stevo Not sure if I've missed something but I thought it was a cert he's going to Bayern? Could have been media BS though

  • @AT10 I know goretzka is going to Bayern but don't think it's been confirmed Werner Is, I just read he's said he wasn't going to Liverpool or man Utd but these are articles from rags like the daily mail so who knows.

  • For FI purposes I think it's actually best he stays at RB, the rumours won't go away no matter how much he tells the press he is staying as he's too good for a club with their history and support. Starts every game and they play two up top so he gets more touches then being isolated as a lone striker. He has decent PB scores from my observations and he is settled and playing well.

  • Seems a resounding ‘don’t sell and hold’ which I have done. Thanks guys. Let’s hope he smashes them in in the Europa/WC

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