🎥 NEW VIDEO 📹 💢 Top 5 Tips for Long term trading on Football Index💢

  • Check out my latest video and let me know your thoughts! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJJjvnGP0_0

  • @The-FIG Great work FIG. Thanks for sharing.

    Long term trading is for most people, the safer option in my opinion. Especially now that we are seeing such healthy growth in the platform overall.

    I think there's a balance with young players and long term thinking. Not doubting the potential for returns but also need to assess risk. The sweet spot may 21-25 years old. Players who play regularly and settled at their club. Proven internationals. Teenagers can be very risky with high prices based on hype.

    Long term trading also possibly has the benefit of fitting easier around a busy lifestyleon a personal level? Not everyone can monitor their portfolio every hour and there's many times I've traded based on speculation or reactions, and ended up worse off than if I had done nothing and let the storm settle.

    Having said, does it not feel like FI are trying to move away from long term trading in favour of more liquidity? Understandable of course but may be more difficult/ less appealing to hold long term in future. Especially with the introduction or order books (disclaimer - not fully understanding how they'll work and happy to be proved wrong but concerned it will remove something of a safety net we currently have with IS). Monitoring the market and short term reactions will become increasingly important?

  • @Metropolis Thanks man, appreciate your kind words - and thanks for all your support on the forum!

    I don't want to speculate on the order book side of things, as it could be implemented in such a varying manner of ways.

    On the long term vs. liquidity - I think there's obviously a balance needed, but we still do see a lot of money change hands even though bets are long term. FI themselves do often cite that the longest hold time, isn't actually that long (on average).

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