Which aging player would you buy on here, even tho you'd make no profit?

  • For me........Rafael Marquez. I'm still hoping he gets added for the WC just so I can buy a couple, just because he's a legend/hero of mine. I'd just write off the money, it'd be worth it just to have him in my portfolio. Oh yeh and maybe Joaquin as well.

  • I'd like to buy Dogba and give his shares to all the Arsenal defenders he's bullied over the years. Just so they could say that they 'owned' him just once.

  • Modric World Cup and back to spurs rumours nostalgic I’ve actualy got 5 shares lol 😝

  • I'm holding about 30 Higuain at the mo still playing well for Juve and in the C/L and no spring chicken

  • Ajen Robben, and on a free transfer n the summer.

  • Lloyd Doyley - now plying his trade at Hemel Hampstead. A true legend 443 appearances, 2 goals, scoring the first one on his 269th appearance...

  • @YakofWallStreet I've heard a few ppl say that about Higuain.i don't think he's a risk. He's in a top European side. He's a solid performer. Not much of a passer/playmaker but always due more than a goal every game. He's only 30 and plays in Italy where everyone must drink olive oil every day as they all play til late 30's at a high level.

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