Akanji / Elvedi

  • thoughts on these 2? both have decent PB scores, in a qualifiable group for Switzerland and suffering a price dip atm, due to winter break im guessing, but wondered if any advice or something im missing?

  • @chaps1988 I saw the same and went for Akanji personally will probably sell if he spikes in the run up to the Euros (but will top up when Dortmund get knocked out of the CL before)

  • Akanji - Two thoughts, he's either less suited to the new PB matrix this season then last which makes him a less desirable PB hold, or, his PB scores are suffering along with Dortmund's form and the arrival of Hummel's.

    I think the truth is a mixture of both. 🤨

    Elvedi - same as the first point above, he's also priced at the higher end of CB's mainly due to an expected transfer to one of the 'big' teams.

    I think the plus point for both is relatively young, involved in domestic Euro competitions still and will feature at Euro 2020.

    Have they bottomed out yet and is now a good time to invest? Are they PB contenders under the new matrix? Think those things through before you hit the buy button.

  • ok thanks guys. also, is pavard a good investment? im not talking about now, but if Kimmich gets reclassified as a midfielder, he'll have more chance to win def PB?

  • @DW

    I agree with you on Akanji. A look at his top 5 PB scores and they are all on the old matrix suggesting that he has struggled to reach such heights on the new one.

    However i disagree on Elvedi not performing well on the new matrix. 4 out of his top 5 PB scores (all 195+) have all been recorded this season, although the highest was last season. This suggests to me that he is performing relatively well on the new matrix.

  • is this data courtesy of index pro?

  • @chaps1988
    If your on about where I got my data from just footyindexscout.com.

    Obviously if there are issues with their data then I will stand corrected on the validity of my statement, but i am assuming it is a trustworthy source as many people use it as a free source of FI related data.

  • ok thanks. when did the new matrix come in? cant quite remember the date.

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