Things you'd like FI to add?

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    Yep some kind of ipd function for bought date or expiring date would be good.

  • Share expiry date would also be very useful to have easy access to, especially for long term holders.

    • Share expiry date (3yr)
    • 2 year graphs

  • New traders!

  • A couple of zeroes at the end of my portfolio would do nicely lol

  • A break down of PB scores as they happen so you can click a players score during a match and see the individual actions that make up the full current score.

    Also when looking at your portfolio page during a match an indicator next to a player to quickly show which ones are in play and their position in the leaderboard.(i know its not essential but ir would be a nice addition imo)

  • I would definitely like to see an IPD refresh button. I just wonder if theres a reason why we havent seen it.

    I'm only speculating here because I personally cant see an obstacle to it. The reason why it would be great is of course to get round the problem of lack of liquidity in the market. You cant necessarily sell to market in an acceptable time frame.

    However, let's say you hold Troy Deeney as an IPD flip but you've held for over 30 days and you cant flip him to market cos theres no real clamour for him. It doesn't really matter because until he scores hes no good anyway. Once he does score theres gonna be a bit of liquidity as people buy for the penny IPD, even more liquidity if he gets a brace or better.

    Since you dont need to hold IPD eligible futures before the goal, but only before the bell tolls 12, I actually use a goal or even an assist as my refresh button.

    Still more hassle than a refresh button I suppose, but if the button existed and today was day 31 of holding Deeney for me, I would not be using it today because whats the point when hes not playing until saturday? Arguably what's the point until hes actually got an IPD? Of course it would still be in your interests to be quick off the mark because you want to pay 2% of a smaller price, but even then your talking tiny differences because nobody is IPD flipping a £4 player.

    I guess all I'm saying is that while the button would be well recieved, it's not beyond the whit of man to get around the problem of illiquidity in an IPD player

  • @JK
    It’s so cowboy that this hasn’t been put in place

  • Or if not an expiry date, then a purchase date.

  • Definitely the date of the oldest share of each player so easier track the 3 year cycle

  • @MickTurbo the only reason I can think that they dont do this is it would cost them money.....think about it, you have an ipd player who is no longer eligible but theres no liquidity in him, that leaves you the option of sitting on him for ages for a spike (no cost to fi), market selling him (again, no cost involved and they receive the 2%) or instant selling and rebuying, in which case there is still no net cost to fi and they've made more than the 2% due to the spread

  • @Ddr I can understaand IS'ing to use money elsewhere but theres no point IS'ing to rebuy be cause as I've said, hes worthless till he scores or assists, and when he does, liquidity is created

  • @MickTurbo I agree itd be pointless to do it as soon as they're ineligible, I meant more doing that when they have scored/assisted.

    However, I'd imagine that there are some nutjobs out there who would do it on day 31 even if they didn't have a game until day 36

  • @Ddr these are the people that pay our dividends 👍

  • @MickTurbo said in Things you'd like FI to add?:

    would definitely like to see an IPD refresh button. I just wonder if theres a reason why we havent seen it.

    It would make ipds far too lucrative and that would become the product. I'd leave instantly. Sure many others would too.

    Currently let's say you bought Immobile for 90p at start of season... Hes scoring lots so your getting good ipd return... By September he was £1.20...youve made 30p and the ipds outweigh the commish by another penny or two... And you sell cos he's not in ipd. You now have to buy back at £1.20...

    You're saying you want to refresh at 90p for 2% and milk another 5-6 goal contributions... Making cap ap all the while. It becomes a risk free bet with constant returns... Why would anyone buy anything othrr than the cheapest players who are involved in 4+ goals a month and just keep refreshing?

  • A breakdown when you click on each player in your port of how many shares you bought at what price and when

  • @Vespasian32 I think I follow what you're saying but I would expect to pay 2% on the price at the time of the refresh. Basically simulating an immediate market sell and re-buy. When ever I've seen talk of an IPD refresh button I've always thought that was the assumption? Sorry if I'm missing the point?!

    Like I was saying, I would generally use the spike on a goal to market sell and rebuy if the shares were no longer IPD eligible which for me, kind of obviates the need for such a button anyway

  • @MickTurbo would still be too lucrative... Taking the risk out of selling to market... IS is good at offsetting a large margin of the profit which keeps ipd strikers at a sensible price...or try to market sell and time spent in queue means you probably lose half the seasons worth of games... So again, control the price keeping the product usp of more of a long term bet.

  • @Vespasian32 yeh I agree with what you're saying regarding USP.

    I suppose I'm actually arguing against the button in reality. If I have money tied up in an IPD player that's no longer eligible, I dont worry too much about IS'ing if it's to put the money elsewhere. The player will be cheap anyway and therefore will typically have a 3-4p spread max so it's not a great issue.

    If I want to refresh him, until he scores theres no point refreshing anyway, and when he does, the G or A will almost always bring about sufficient liquidity for me to market sell and re-buy that day, so ultimately I will very rarely miss out on IPD's from a player for whom IPD's are the sole purpose for my holding.

    There may be times when a single G or A may not produce sufficient liquidity, but 1 penny is only gonna cover the commission anyway so its neither here nor there, if he gets 2 or more IPD's that will always produce sufficient liquidity

  • @MickTurbo said in Things you'd like FI to add?:

    @Feldy you can use flashscore and click on the little heart next to teams your players play for and it will turn red. Then in the my teams section the app lists the fixtures day by day a week in advance.

    Heres mine


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