Selective Media Buzz (Kingsley Coman)

  • Its interesting to note that not 1 story has been picked up by FI re Kingsley Coman and what was potentially a serious injury from the MB feeds especially when considering that he was one of the highest trending on Twitter last night and this morning.

    I know he is not considered a magnet for MB but i would have expected to see some news items being picked up.

    Having had a quick look on google, i can see a news item on Coman from 7hrs ago published by the Mail (one of FI's) feeds.......

  • The conspiracy deepens...

  • @Advinculas-Index google 'Kingsley coman newsnow'. There are several stories today but the only one from a relevant source was Reuters and it didnt name him in full. I often do this if I've got a player in the hunt for MB

  • Maybe it is because he is a retired player so stories no longer count? I mean, I assume he’s retired... Unless he’s a liar?

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