Final rankings

  • Does anyone know, how long after a match finishes do player rankings become final scores? If that makes sense. Thanks

  • @t23please

    Updated so there now live has it happens sobif a teams winning 1 -0 the player with the goal will be scored on goal and match winning goal if they equalise he will go tumbling down a few for caught out with sonny a couple of times at juve as scoring system changed without notice and at the vitality has people didn’t know the equaliser was disallowed at first..

  • I was thinking more in terms after the game really. Say a game finishes at 4.45 - how long after it finishes will the players totals shown be the final totals?

  • A few minutes later, let’s say 10 mins max

  • It's quick. Usually within a minute or two. I've been caught out by a late adjustment or two about 5 minutes after but it's actually really impressive how up to date it is.

  • thanks - that helps. i'm noting down scores for a load of players but didn't want to be wasting my time by taking them too early

  • It’s about 5 minutes for sure I was updating late kick offs yesterday my main worry was Jorginho catching super sonny but he held out easy in the end for my £27 buzz win best yet was well buzzing (pun intended )

  • I'm really pleased for Son, hope he has an epic world cup

  • @t23please

    I think players like son and salah add to the game I don’t hold any salah but like him too...

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