This seasons yields under the new structure

  • Anyone else see this on twitter? Its how things would look if the dividend review had come in right at the start of the season. Just shows how massively undervalued Messi and Neymar really are

  • But what has happened in the past doesn't necessarily mean it will happen in the future.

    Pogba being the prime example.

    Situations change & that's from a Messi holder! ๐Ÿ‘

  • @Ericali true but players like Pogba and Salah could be seen as trends in the media or phases but when it comes to Messi and Neymar thats not really the case is it? They are the most consistent dividend returners season after season and this table shows not only that but how far ahead they are. Their returns are twice that of any other player. Neymars been injured most the seaon so far and heโ€™s still topping the charts

  • Well Neymar's media trend could just as quickly change just as Pogba's & Salah's did & the majority of his dividends are coming from off the pitch activities.

    Messi is a special case, he's brilliant. But what can't be denied is everytime he does something exceptional there are a load of jittery traders who look to dump him.

  • @Ericali true. Neymars media is all about a possible move but while hes at PSG hes the only Fwd on the index that can consistently compete with Messi for PB. What happens if he leaves PSG is the unknown

  • First thing that jumped out to me was how much value is in the mid priced PB players appearing in this list. It would be a better table if it had the dividend yield as a % relative to the current price, if you ranked top to bottom based on that and PB alone Messi and Neymar wouldn't be number 1 and 2.

    I kind of ignored MB as find past performance irrelevant to future MB.

  • The thing notice PB wise TAA/DEPAY/KROOS/KDB good for dividends also Mahrez very competitive when plays well. The other stand out is how competive Sterling/Kane are for MB which come into play alot more from February onwards and especially with a home euros on the horizon which we should be very competitive in. Abraham a shock for me good media and pareja also good for PB might be worth getting on with Valencia hitting better form and a potentially not bad L16 draw

  • Parejo stands out big time. I know he's older than most of the rest in the top 10 but he's also half the price of most of them.

  • @DW i think Messi would still be number one or thereabouts with a percentage yield if you ignore all the cheap freak one off PB wins that are unlikely to win again. Percentage yield in that respect can be misleading also

  • Did they forget Kimmich?

  • @NewUser455434 I'd assume hes not in the top 50 div earners seeing as hes not on the list, haven't checked though

  • @NewUser455434 Nope he would be on 12p I believe so doesn't make the list.

  • In terms of % Yield against purchase price, Fred looks to have been the best value in that list.

  • I Think Neymar's yield would be more interesting from September onward, the vast majority of those 65p media wins were from the European summer transfer windows still being open, he doesn't do that well on MB unless the window is open, if/when he loses his unfair 1 name advantage it will get very interesting.

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