Just when I thought Pogba would win MB

  • Hey David Silva, thanks for scoring a brace. x

  • DAMN!
    Thought it was in the bag for him :(
    He’ll be back up there with some weird stories during the international break

  • @Ermejo I hope so for the sake of you and I. Ever since I picked up 100 of him he hasn't won anything. Wouldn't mind a fiver that's enough for a kebab ffs

  • Lol, you will get a few kebabs with him, always in the media for one reason or another, unlucky today with the late brace from Silva but hey ho, happens
    Think tomorrow with the CL he has another chance even if he doesn’t play

  • I’ve 40 long John silvers so with starman if he wins media I’ve 11p x 40 = £4-40 enough for a kebab up north :-)

  • He will win plenty of MBs.

    Measure the percentage return he delivers from dividens after a month, a quarter and a year. Even a modest 3% per month (most months he will exceed that) equates to 36% per year (and that ignores compound growth if you choose to reinvest your winnings).

  • Bloody Silva ... first time in about 5 weeks no media buzz

  • @KingJimoT gutted mate. When I got up at 6 and saw I hadn't won a fiver from rashford or neymar i thought it must have been pogba! Never thought for a second it'd be someone else!

  • International break coming up 8p 5p 2p for a whole 2 weeks get in early as people will see another round of fixtures first before they start investing in the PB king , Rashford as well IMO he and Pogo will clean up over the International break.

  • @SMacFI let's hope so. (Rashford anyway)

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