Asensio a steal

  • Seeing the steady rise in asensio and looking at players in similar roles I think hes a great player and brilliant value to get on if you have patience until he is back. I think he will reap long term rewards. Thoughts guys?

  • @NewUser123565 He was a steal 25-30p ago. But he's still good value - just need to remember he's still at least 3 months away from playing again. Will be a steady rise between now and then.

  • @janner73 I agree I looked at him 2 or 3 months ago and thought I would leave it till closer to return but the rise has started so have jumped on definitely see either a transfer or he will be in Madrid starting lineup for years looking at his age and Modric for instance ageing.

  • @NewUser123565 Yeah there's only 2 outcomes I see. Either he gets back in the Madrid line-up once he's fit again - in which case you have a decent priced attacking mid for Madrid - or he doesn't and he'll be on the move in the summer. For me, if fit and back to his best I would see someone like Gnabry as a fair price comparison in the long term.

  • Not due back until March according to the La Liga injured players site although initially it was suggested that he would be out for the entirety season.

    Either way, he is probably the safest bet on the market for at least the next 3 months as there is no real reason for his price to go any way but up.

    Conservative prediction £2 by end of Jan closer to £2.50 by the time he returns.

    Best Regards The Horse

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