Sell queue

  • Still very new to this around 2 months in .
    4% up and enjoying and learning as I go.
    Currently got 7 decent players in sell queue but nothing seems to be happening . Ie no shares sold.
    From more experienced F1 users is it normal at this time of year for people to sell off for Xmas cash or is this people changing or modifying their portfolio for the transfer window plus winter break plus Euros. Which is what I was planning if sales go through .
    Any comments or advice would be much appreciated . Thanks in advance for help .

  • Stay patient mate, players in the sell que can be sold within hours but sometimes it can take weeks. All depends who the player is and how appetite people have to buy that player.

    For example if one of your players in the sell que has a good game over the weekend and scores a couple of goals then he will be more likely to be brought reducing your sell que.

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